GGTL Exclusive Video: Six Minutes Of Little Big Planet 2 Gameplay

[email protected] - "I've got an epic six-hour car trip to scurry off to this morning, so I'm going to make this quick: the soulless level designing golems/voodoo dolls you came to know and love in Little Big Planet are coming back this November with a littler, bigger sequel, featuring thousands more functions and planets for you and your friends to enjoy into the wee hours of the night. Want a taste? I thought you might. You always want a taste."

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TotalPS3Fanboy2632d ago

The new lighting system really stands out.

will112632d ago Show
Press_Agree2632d ago

I think you meant to say Halo 1?

will112632d ago

Lol, this game looks like trash i know

Red-Dead-Roar2632d ago

another 11 year old to ignore..

since when was lbp2 a shooter ?
or halo2 a platformer where you can create levels ?

isn't it that time when you ask your mom for more xbl money?

Tony-A2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Poor trolls are still hanging on to a six and nine year old game....

Anyways, it looks awesome. I still have to make a level on LBP.

klado2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Take the shot, you say it is trash lol, didn't you know the first installment of this trash game gain GOTY? has halo ever gained that? NO, guess halo is even more of a trash.

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ForceCSW2632d ago

I'm especially looking forward to all of the new tools available to creators, once the LBP community gets its hands on this game I have no doubt that something amazing will happen. Just take a look back at some of the awesome levels that have been created for the original LBP!

darkcharizard2632d ago

It looks so great!

ps - Germany vs Spain in 45 minutes!!

Ares84PS32632d ago

Can't wait.

As for LBP2.....well not as amazing as the first was when I've seen that. To me it looks like LBP1.5

That is my own opinion.

inception1232632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

if that looks like lbp 1.5 to you there isn't a sequel in the world that can impress you since this has added more then just about any game franchise in just one sequel.

edit: i'm not saying he has to like it but come on how can you say a game that makes whole games(lbp2) is not a true sequel to game that only makes levels(lbp). the dlc in lbp alone changed that game alot and with lbp2 you get so much more then just extra tools to build with. it is hard to imagine what people will do with this just based off the little we were shown.

ForceCSW2632d ago

...But i assure that what was shown here is just a scratch on the tip of a massive iceberg! Wait until the community has enough time to embrace this game, especially the expert creators.

PSfan092632d ago

i hope this game gets the sales it deserves. If games like halo and call of duty gets 5 million+ this should get 20 mill. Day one for me

Red-Dead-Roar2632d ago

halo sells 20mill because it's the only game on 360...
ps3 owners have a choice and not all of them will get lbp2-....

ForceCSW2632d ago

But theres no need to bash the 360 just for the hell of it. We're all gamers here.

klado2632d ago

Then why Mister xbox troll up there is bashing LBP, people are just spinning around, first one who shot the spin, second one should return it, simple.

And no, we are not gamers here only, we are gamers, troll and fanboys.

RockmanII72632d ago

Why is everyone always hating on Halo and Xbox, just makes you look stupid.

telekineticmantis2632d ago

The game looks so fun. I hope the rest of the levels allow for competitive type play like this one.

ForceCSW2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Every single level in the original, including all 2.7 million user-created ones, support up to four player co-op and it is something that Media Molecule definitely encourages in the story mode.

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