MS: Kinect lag 'shouldn't be judged in milliseconds'

Microsoft has claimed that players of Kinect can input control into Xbox games just as fast as players using joypads - and that the lag of the device should be judged in terms of experience rather than "milliseconds".

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TotalPS3Fanboy3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"...should be judged in terms of laggy experience rather than 'milliseconds'."

"Let's say we're playing a game in which we're gonna see a bell go off, and whoever can enter an input faster wins. You're going to press a button and I'm going to [gesture]. We can do it as fast with Kinect as with a button."

Well, that's a bad example. Try doing combos in a game like Tekken 6. Gestures will lose.

It's just not the lag of the device either. It's also the fact that Kinect has to take some time to analyze and process the gesture, where as a joypad, you press a button, and the game knows its that button, the game does not have to waste time analyzing and processing which button you press.

JoyPad: short lag of device
Kinect: long lag of device + even more time analyzing and processing the gesture data

JoyPad wins.

Bereaver3082d ago

Wait now wait. In order for Kinect to input/show actions as fast as a joypad... it would has to pre-meditate your movements....

Because... as you know... joypads have such a small lag it's impossible to notice.

captain-obvious3082d ago

"MS: Kinect lag 'shouldn't be judged in milliseconds'"

Yes MS it should be judged in FULL seconds

Army_of_Darkness3082d ago

it's true... everything does have a "slight lag" even normal controls... But kinect isn't exactly "slight"

Conloles3082d ago

Err I think you'll find keyboard + mouse wins.

GWAVE3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Gestures will always lose. Scientifically, it takes more nerve power, more muscle power, and more brain power (and therefore, much more time) to tell your entire arm "wave" than to tell the end of your thumb "push".

So, even if Kinect was perfectly 1:1, it would still lose to a controller. But we all know that Kinect is far from 1:1, so it makes it even worse.

D4RkNIKON3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Yes consoles.. Your PC is the greatest piece of machinery the likes of which mankind has never before seen. We all know this already.

IdleLeeSiuLung3082d ago

"Gestures will always lose. Scientifically, it takes more nerve power, more muscle power, and more brain power (and therefore, much more time) to tell your entire arm "wave" than to tell the end of your thumb "push"."

That is not true. It takes no more "brain power" to push a button than it is to move your arm.

The only lag is that in a controller based game, you have been trained that a simple one button mapping does a certain action. However, as Tsudo said it is not about ms measured for lag. It is how you perceive the lag.

Buttons can't do everything Kinect does (better), it's just gamers have been trained to adapt to controller like input.

TotalPS3Fanboy3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"That is not true. It takes no more "brain power" to push a button than it is to move your arm."

That's not the issue though. The issue is that you still can't wave your arm around as fast as you can press a button.

For example: You can probably press a button around 5 to 10 times per second. There's no way you can wave your arms 5 to 10 times per second. It's just physically impossible.

No matter what, pressing a button will always be faster than doing gestures. And core games require fast inputs and reactions. Games like Tekken, where you have to do a move in 1 frame, to get the special frame move boost, is impossible to do with gesture.

Keltik823082d ago

Bahahaha!!! Damn funny bro.


HolyOrangeCows3082d ago

Okay, Microsoft. We will do it your way.

Does the lag affect the players trying to play Kinect Adventures in the raft game? Because all of the videos I've seen have the avatars tending to jump almost two seconds too late (When it actually detects the jump). Does that hurt the experience if you can't jump when you need to? I'd think so.

How about Ricochet? Shouldn't your reactions be fast if you're going to play a reaction game? But all the footage we've seen shows the avatars lagging almost two seconds behind.

How about on-rails Star Wars (You know, the one you were caught faking at E3)? It seems to rely on reaction time, too, if you're going to block the laser fire and out-do the Sith lord. You're not even confident enough in that one to show live.

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MRJENKINS3082d ago

truth is everything has a lag.. i game on the pc alot and when i play with my ps3/360 i notice a very slight lag

eggbert3082d ago

the lag is much smaller than the lag found in kinect.

I also game on the PC mainly, I always get raped on console FPS's because I'm not used to the damn analog sticks.


Nike3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Wow, with a name like TotalPS3Fanboy, how could I not agree with your expert opinion? /s

Scotland-The-Brave3082d ago

If you actually read his comment then you would know he brought up a good point

D4RkNIKON3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Yeah buttons are faster than gestures, but gestures are good for games that require precision in movement. For example swinging a baseball bat, angles, speed, timing and location of the swing can all be accurately portrayed giving a more precise reaction to your swing. Hitting a button doesn't give you any of the above besides timing.

PS MOVE is great for things like this because the camera can tell in 3D space where you are holding the bat and the accelerometers and gyroscopes in the controller tell what angle the device is being held through out the swing. Kinect can't detect precision in wrist movement..

R2D23082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

NV >:(

Dam you PS3 trolls with your super powers to comment on a Xbox 360 article in the matter of secs.

Dread3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

N4G playstation trolls should be judged in miliseconds. They have absolutely no lag.

you guys are more efficient than mouse and keyboard congrats!!

Edit: wow i did not eve finish positng and i already have a disagree lol
milisecond trolls no lag at all.

BeaArthur3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

hahah, that was a good one. They are indeed relentless. They always talk about how much better the PS3 is but they sure do seem threatened enough to comment on EVERY SINGLE 360 article.

Why o why & MicroSony4Life...oh I am well aware that it goes both ways but I see a fraction of the 360 trolls when compared to the PS3 trolls. I mean this is a 360 article and the first guy commenting has the username TotalPS3Fanboy. It's completely out of control and the moderators refuse to do anything about it.

Why o why3082d ago

dont be so petty and one sided

MicroSony4Life3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

the PS3 trolls on this site are die hard trolls with a mission to stir up BS on every 360 thread.

When you have the first person to comment on a 360 topic and his name is totalPS3fanboy and he has 30 agrees before the article is approved then you know that N4G is a breeding ground for PS3 trolls and the mods love every bit of it.

MicroSony4Life3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

The amount of PS3 trolls on N4G are far greater than the amount of 360 trolls. Go to a Sony article right now and tell me how much 360 trolls you see?

I know that this is N4G and I should just ignore it but sometimes you just want to have a civilized dicussion about the matter at hand and not have to deal with people like GWAVE,TOTALPS3FANBOY,MORGANFAI L, HELL VECANCY,GHOST OF SPARTA,CAPTIN OBV,SAAKING#1,2,3,4,5..

klado3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I laugh at xbox fanboy since, dude none of you were by around when n4g was taking air, no one couldn't say gear of war was bad, you would have more than 56 disagree in one second, so what do we call that? xbox troll? give us a break, even if you are neutral, all sites has there biasness, or trolla, or fan supporting their console, or them all, and I don't think that is any bad but for trolls themselves.

That n4g has more ps3 fanboy, GREAT, it had more xbox fanboy at first, and didn't saw NONE sonyer giving sht if not keeping the trolling, but looking at the minority crybaby of xbox trolls fanboy, they cry cus they are now overshadowed...gamespot is full of 360 bias, kotaku, destructoid, and a bunch of site where mostly troll there are bashing one of another being the majority xbox troll, but when a site has a clear side of trolls being sony trolls, it is a bad thing, xbox butthurst should take a trip off seriously, and go over any other site but n4g if it is that bad for them, I only has a xbox and whatever shit some ps troll says, don't give a damn thing about, but guess people love to give a damn and then troll, and that is the problem.

Btw, yes kinect is lagfull but still something fun to play, and that is what matter.

lelo2play3082d ago

There are trolls all around. X360 trolls comment in PS3 news.... PS3 trolls comment in X360 news. It's normal in N4G... but we have to admit... PS3 trolls are in much larger quantity in N4G.

Ilikegames763081d ago

have been here 2 years ago. This site was over run by 360 fans, which have, by now bought a PS3 and became a PS3 fans.

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TK4213082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

How ironic that it's Edge that Microsoft is interviewing with in order to do damage control.

Davoh3082d ago

MS: Kinect lag 'shouldn't be judged in milliseconds'... it should be judged in minutes instead

JustTheFactsMr3082d ago

Didn't they also say it's best movement detection depends who is wearing the baggiest/tighest clothes?

So the naked/spandex/short sleeve people will always win no matter what the sweatshirt folks do?

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blizzard_cool3082d ago

Where's Nelson when you need him!?

Dramscus3082d ago

PR rule number one: Say it's supposed to be like that

Raoh3082d ago


not sure if anyone has noticed the videos but a lot of it is pre made movements on the part of the games.

in one video of the ball breaking game a person moved their hands to the top right corner. the video game pretty much covered that whole area not accurate just in the neighborhood of that corner.. in another the person swung wildly but the balls all hit his chest and awarded him the points.

in another video of the rafting game two women were playing. they were told to jump, they did not, the raft and avatars still managed to collect all the coins.

its all simuated to feel like gameplay but there is no gameplay, as far as capturing your movements, most cameras do that..

people are being fooled and arent even trying to look beyond the smoke and mirrors.

asdf123082d ago

did you not see it on Jimmy fallon?
She jumped, then the Avatar jumped about 1.5 seconds later.

T9X693082d ago

I think you need to re-watch it, there was lag but it was more like .5 sec. 1.5 sec is going a bit far.

shqype3082d ago

How could one NOT notice? Her avatar was also twitching ridiculously while she stood still.

Bereaver3081d ago

T9X69 was right on this one. There is no way it was 1.5 seconds. But damn even a half a second is TERRIBLE!