Braben: 3D May Just Be A Flash In The Pan

Frontier Developments chairman David Braben is sceptical about 3D gaming’s staying power, warning “it may well just be a flash in the pan”

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GWAVE3082d ago

Motion controls were "just a flash in the pan" according to pundits in 2006 prior to the Wii's launch.

People don't realize that 80% of the popular games/peripherals on consoles are only popular due to massive advertising and support from the parent company.

WildArmed3081d ago

honestly I still can't believe the success of Wii.

I thought Nintendo would be out of the race in a jiffy.
Leaving sony and MS to duel it out..
boy was I wrong...

You can't call Wii just a passing fad anymore..

Same may or may not apply to 3D gaming/movies.

altx3081d ago

just so you know, this is the same guy that said dedicated video cards (eg nVidia, ATI) are just a flash in the pan...

altx3081d ago

about 7 years ago too...