Digital Battle: APB (PC) Review

Digital Battle: "For the last few years, APB has been one of the most anticipated MMOs, and most anticipated PC games in general. Finally, we get a chance to play Realtime World’s “cops vs robbers” on a large scale in a huge city, and finally, we get to see what it’s all about. Sadly, it’s all about nothing. The game is a huge disappointment, and despite its level of polish, there’s simply not much to do in the city of San Paro."

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Bereaver3081d ago

Wow is this for real? If others see it like this, I'm gonna be saddened that they didn't do a better job with it.

As the review sais... this... already has me dissapointed.....

Charmers3081d ago

The really ridiculous thing about all this is that it didn't need to be this way. Right from the start the beta testers expressed the same concerns that reviewers are expressing today. The response from Realtime was to totally ignore the feedback and carry on regardless.

I gave up in the beta because it become abundantly clear they just were not listening and the game just came across as a train wreck waiting to happen.

It is such a waste of money and it is a shame Realtime worlds will get a bad rep for this, but they deserved it because they just were not interested in what the Beta players were telling them.