Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Free-to-Play This Weekend

From Ripten: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter will be free for all to play this weekend, Croteam announced today. The game will be available at a reduced rate on Steam and will be free to download and play for the duration of the weekend.

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greeneggsnsam3079d ago

Best quote from a publisher ever.

Dramscus3079d ago

Seriously it's on for the weekend. They should get over their dumb assedness.
They'll probably wmake more money after this weekend from people buying the game. It's only free mp for a few days. It's pretty much just and advertisement.

greeneggsnsam3079d ago

Of course it is. It works really well for Valve, they released stats and their profits sail high on these sale weekends.

dkblackhawk503079d ago

Yep, it always works. People love to try the full game out.

CrzyFooL3079d ago

Sam is serious . . . again!! Love these games . . . too bad I already owns it.

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