Storytelling In Video Games

Game developers are trying to craft deeper and more intriguing stories as technology progresses but few developers have created a completely engrossing experience.

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Joule2714d ago

What the Metal Gear series does best.

MpV352714d ago

I was gonna mention it, but it's obvious that someone around here still knows a great saga when they see one. Bubbles for you.

Colonel-Killzone2714d ago

When it comes to story telling Metal Gear Solid is unmatched.

Although I will say Uncharted 2 does a very good time telling a story and also at the sametime keep the pace of the action going also.

klado2714d ago

Watch out, some sites reviewer prefer gameplay over storytelling and everything else...looking at you EDGE, gave prototype a good score being one of the most story lackluster in a sandbox, but sure, it is a sandbox, but when a sandbox has story, ugh ugh infamous, it is bad.

ABizzel12714d ago

When it comes to storytelling PS Exclusives usually are the best, Sony is also one of the biggest movie production compaines in the world, so finding writers for their games to help them with stories isn't that hard.

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DelbertGrady2714d ago

Three great and varying examples of storytelling in the article. One of my favourites in this aspect is Mass Effect. It really immerses you into the story. Especially because of the decision wheel system but also thanks to the excellent writing and voice-overs.

Conloles2714d ago

Get your disagree shield on, thou shalt not praise an Xbox game.......

Raf1k12714d ago

Don't forget, it's also a PC game.

pat_11_52714d ago

Ya, people do seem to get attacked on N4G for saying anything pro-microsoft/pro-xbox. It kind of sucks but that's how these communities usually work.

Simon_Brezhnev2714d ago

Mass effect 2 didnt really immerse me but The Witcher did.

pat_11_52714d ago

Mass Effect 2 is one of the few games I've played recently that completely immersed me, I was basically playing it at one point just to find out what happens next in the story. Red Dead Redemption is supposed to have a great plot but I could never get into it, maybe because it's a western and that really isn't my thing, I don't know.

despair2714d ago

I really liked Mass Effect, both of them, but the story, while interesting was a little lacking for me in the way it unfolds, the fact that everyone is stationary while you have your major conversations really was annoying to me.

I know the renegade/paragon choices are a big part of the game, but when you see a crazy spaceship attack and everything is falling apart, then all of a sudden everyone stops moving to have a conversation, it really breaks the momentum of the game..thats just me, I had the same problem with both KOTORs, Fallout 3 etc.

pat_11_52714d ago

I feel like metal gear is too confusing, it often comes off as a cheesy b movie to me.

T9X692714d ago

Metal Gear can be confusing, but cheesy? No. It's such a huge deep story and sometimes can drag on in certain parts longer than needed to, but the whole Metal Gear story is no where close to being cheesy.

telekineticmantis2714d ago

It's not really made for people with short attention spans

Fireseed2714d ago

The Half Life story has had me gripped by the balls since it's release.

pat_11_52714d ago

Half Life definitely has an engrossing story. When I think of story telling in video games I think of Final Fantasy 6, that game was epic story wise. That opera scene, I'll never forget it. Kefka was perhaps one of the greatest bad guys in a game ever.

Game-ur2714d ago

And the best thing about it is that every character is well developed without having one standout in the expense of the others, and each had his special unrepeated class.


Yeah and gordan freeman's voice acting was the icing on the cake. :D

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