GameZone - WWE All-Stars Preview

GameZone gets in the ring with WWE All-Stars. THQ forgoes realism in favor of a arcade style wrestling game. Will this arcade fighter give players hours of enjoyment? Read our preview to find out.

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JamesFerguson3083d ago

I didn't know they were still making these games. Have they improved since the 1990s?

TheSanchezDavid3083d ago

I tried the demo for this at E3, and it seems like a fun game. Definitely a lot more light-hearted and over-the-top than the SmackDown vs. Raw games. This seems like it will be a lot of fun for those who loved games such as No Mercy and Day of Reckoning.

rezznik3083d ago

Wooot! Wrestling....

tbh though, I haven't played a WWF game since the SNES

Azule613083d ago

Not my fancy...I would never spend a dime on a game like this

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