GamersByNature asks, "With multiple weeks of freebies per month, has Playstation Plus sold you yet?"

BranchedOut at Gamers by Nature writes: "Last week, I wrote an article on Playstation Plus.

But the thing about that article was, it was assuming that you only get freebies once a month. This Tuesday, I was surprised to get even MORE freebies (well, rentals as some want to point out. But tell me a service that lets you rent multiple games for less than 3 bucks a month.)!"

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KiL-shablogin2716d ago

I see it this way, i received 15 months for 50 dollars thats less than $3.50 a month i dont have many psn games so all the ones i receive are deff worth it to me.

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WildArmed2716d ago

I dont buy much from PStore..
So what I"m getting is something new always.
Think the last thing I bought was FF8.. and before that Bionic Commando Rearmed..

It's really a great deal..
ofcourse I hope the next 14 months of content is just as strong as this months..
*yay for Wipeout HD!*

darthv722716d ago

especially with the discounts on the content available. I am not sold just yet as I see the euro side of psn gets way more love than the us side.

D4RkNIKON2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@darthv72 - They did mention that all of the free games you receive will become inactive if your subscription expires but anything you paid for using the PSN+ discounts are yours to keep. Also, Members Only Jackets in Home FTW!!

Red-Dead-Roar2715d ago

i'd rather have a halo than a jacket....

klado2715d ago

@Road...or above...

And then you cry, b b but there is more pstroll and here you are trolling your opinion out where HALO doesn't have nothing to do, lmao, gotta laugh when find you crying again in another thread.

Live should be free.

pangitkqb2716d ago

So far it has been pretty cool. I've enjoyed Wipeout HD and the Zombies Minis game.

Christopher2715d ago

Anyone been able to download the latest Qore episode with their PS+ account?

Firebird3602715d ago

yea i got episode 26 last night

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nefertis2716d ago

I like the service especially for wipeoutHD which the actual price is $19.99 thats 3 months worth of ps plus content and discount and wipeoutHD is free with ps+.

KiL-shablogin2716d ago

Age of zombies was surprisingly fun

ThanatosDMC2716d ago

Agreed, it's a mini Burn Zombie Burn minus the torch.

JonnyBigBoss2715d ago

I can't believe how fun AoZ was. I ended up finishing the game!

wiggles2715d ago

I never would have tried AoZ if it wasn't for PS+

Dac2u2715d ago

Same here, I never would have touched AoZ without PS+, but I'm glad I played it. That game was a lot of fun.

OneSneakyMofo2715d ago

The newest mini, Fieldrunners, is more addicting in my opinion than AoZ.

Frenza2716d ago

This is definitely worth the money for me too.

cobraagent2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

so PS+ hasn't "sold me" yet. All i need from it is a GT5, LBP2 and KZ3 early beta and I will pay 50$.
Come on Sony, make it happen!!!!

koehler832716d ago

I was sold by the Auto-Update feature. It's already given me the chance to play a couple fun games I wouldn't have otherwise as well as relive the hilarity of Rally Cross, which I'd totally repressed from my teen years.

All the free themes/avatars, discounts and Qore are all just added bonuses.

nefertis2716d ago

Rally Cross is a classic Im glad I get to play it free.

cjflora2716d ago

I know, so far I've turned my PS3 on twice now to see a message telling me that a game was updated. I was like "Well thank you PS3."