5 Best sniping spots on Wasteland ( Modern Warfare 2 )

Gary from ZOMG How shows us the best 5 sniper spots on Wasteland, with great well explained screenshots of the map.


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Brklynty12637d ago

Either people are camping at said spot, or noobtubin the underground bunker....

T9X692636d ago

They should just call this game Modern Campsite 2. Everyone camps and roast marshmallows in this game.

captain-obvious2636d ago

link is not working in here

HolyOrangeCows2636d ago

I'm getting a 404 error right now.

SeanRL2636d ago

modern campsite would at least glitch less.

Gago2636d ago

if your sniping you have to camp

Dead_Cell2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Sniping is covering a forward area of ground, camping is sitting in an obscure corner of the map with a limited view waiting for somebody to pass by.

Sniping is active, camping is not.

krauler2636d ago

I call it "defending your position" ; )

AAACE52636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Befor even reading, I bet I already know them...

Edit: I was right, but I don't use #4. I man the rail gun and take those guys out!

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Gun_Senshi2636d ago

Sniper Lesson #1)

Always be on the move, never camp

Sniper Lesson #2)

Take shots from the unexpected ground, like on low lands. People will just check high lands/hills.

mrv3212636d ago

Lesson 3 DON'T SNIPE IN OBJECTIVE BASED GAMES, ESPECIALLY HQ! SERIOUSLY... SNIPING IN HQ is like using the Javelin on Skidrow, it serves no point and everybody hates you.

TheHurricane_2636d ago

I agree with you on the HQ part but why do you not like people using snipers in Objective games? I mean a good objective team should be balanced, you don't want everyone rushing to get to the objective and then leaving no one to defend, the defenders in objective games should be snipers and possibly machine gunners. But yeah attacking with a sniper rifle is stupid, that should be left to the assault rile guys etc.

fianno2636d ago

Jees cap locks? I can hear you grand :D

And sniping in HQ doesnt make everyone can you :S though Im sure its possible :L

TheHurricane_2636d ago

Honestly, I think people take camping a bit too far. Of course its annoying when someone sits in a dark corner of a room with an lmg with a heartbeat sensor equipped, thats camping. But someone holding a certain spot or building on a map isn't camping. Also whenever you choose a position or building or something to stay in whenever you have a sniper, its not camping, thats what snipers are suppose to do and even if you have any other gun, its still not camping, as long as you like move around in that area and what not. And when people complain about ' ah that guy is just staying in that building the whole time, what camping noob!', would they rather that all the maps had no buildings?

CaptainPunch2636d ago

Why is this considered as news? The game has been out for a while now.

fianno2636d ago

Its under article, which doesnt need to be news

Urrakia342636d ago

i hate people that call me a camper just cuz me n my team kicked their ass. so annoying...........this happen to anybody else?

cyberwaffles2636d ago

oh yeah man, it's incredibly annoying. people resort to that kind of an insult when they know their skills aren't up to boot.

you eventually just laugh at it lol

Emperor_Cono2633d ago

Hedge Hog, the best way to kill cunts the other side of the map ;D