Microsoft Says Half of 25 Million XBL Users Are Gold Subscribers

Microsoft has revealed that half of the 25 million Xbox Live users accounted for in the past fiscal year (ending June 30) are Gold subscribers, putting revenue from Gold subscriptions alone at $600 million for the last year.

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Danja3084d ago

well its not like they have much a choice when they want to play Halo and Gears online now huh ?? just saying

TotalPS3Fanboy3084d ago

Only half? That's pretty bad, considering how much the service is hyped up to be.

LordMarius3084d ago Show

35 million sold but only 20 million online psn accounts, and its free? Can't even give it away, lol.

thewrathman3084d ago

12.5 millions gold more than the population of most countries.

bobby kotick lookin a piece of that isnt enough that he gets massive game sales thru he wants more..he is like a pushy drug he'll be threatening to go exclusive to the tight wad psn users.

i hope MS buys shares in his company and fires him

StanLee3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Not to mention the countless multiple account users.

I_find_it_funny3084d ago

The other half probably own PS3 as their console of choice :) and Xbox for exclusives

Conloles3084d ago

Wowee how impressive, compared to PC that's nothing at all and before the SDF comes in here they claim all of their accounts even if they're not in use.

forcefullpower3084d ago

You logic is a bit flawed since what you are saying is that PSN has less consoles sold bit more people have subscription than Live.

I think you pretty much shot yourself in the foot there.

inception1233084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

and what about multiple accout users on live then? so that means this number is far less then half and makes it even worst. also iFLOWLIKEWATER if 20 mil out of 35 mil means you can't give it away then you must think less then half of 360 owners on live out of 40 mil is beyond pathetic.

StanLatMarveldotCom3084d ago

I don't think you understand, it's not free. So someone with multiple Gold accounts still represents a unique Gold user because they're paying a gold subscription. You find far less multiple Gold users as it's not cost effective. What's the point of paying $50 a year for multiple accounts?

darthv723084d ago

i dont think the multiple account argument can be used in the same sense. PSN multiple accounts are generally created to access content in other regions. In my case I only have 1 psn account and I made a sub for my son. Same goes on the 360. I have a gold and my son has a silver.

On a side not, I dont know if the rumor will come true (but I hope so). Gold members with child accounts will get online play through some type of family option. As of now if my son wants to play against his friends I let him use my profile ( ups my gamerscore).

I would like for him to achieve his own score online and think MS should opt for a family type of membership. Share the gold access as well as MS points. Would be nice if it happens.

KingME3084d ago

A better comparison will be in 1 year we will see how many of the 30+ million PS3 users are Plus members.

callahan093084d ago

@iFlowLikeWater: At E3 Sony said there are 40 million PSN accounts. Not 20 million.

darthv723084d ago

There certainly is a large number of psn accounts. 40mil if i recall. Not everyone with a psn account has a ps3 or a psp. They can make them on the pc for the forums.

Not that it would matter but I would like to see the breakdown per country and platform.

I only have 1 but I use it on ps3, psp and on PC for the forums.

At least with live gold it is supported on one platform. You can make a live account on pc but you dont need to be gold to use it. Gold is "Only on 360" (so I think).

It is just a matter of perspective.

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SupaGamer3084d ago


How many people game online?

vhero3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Considering they are forced to subscribe to gold to play online. Try takeaway online play MS and see how many subscribe. I bet you couldn't even get 5%.
Also as for 20 million psn accounts?? That was announced feb 2009 it's obviously increased a LOT since then.

BeaArthur3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

What kind of retarded logic is that? If they took away online play of course they wouldn't have any subscribers.

Dnied...even if that is the case, my point is still relevant. Also he is comparing the PSN accounts (which are free) to a paid service. Of course there are going to be more PSN accounts. If I played online games once a week for 2 hours, I wouldn't have Live but I would still have PSN because it doesn't cost anything. It's a flawed argument.

Dnied3084d ago

I think he means if you took it out of gold and just made the online / friends list free, like psn, it wouldnt have any subs

OSU_Gamer3084d ago

gotta love fanboy speculation

R2D23084d ago

You just owned your self LMFAO!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3084d ago

It also means the majority of those 12 million plus accounts are active gamers and not a bunch of in-active multiple accounts.

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ElementX3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

That is a rather impressive number. I know that on PSN a few people I know have multiple accounts to access demos from other regions and such. I also know my neighbors (who are roommates) share 1 PS3 but one of the guys hasn't logged on in 6 months, so that's 2 accounts right there, 1 not even being used. I figure people who buy the Gold actually use the service regularly. A number of my PSN friends are never playing multiplayer. Just because somebody sets up a PSN account doesn't mean they're playing online. With Gold members, you can almost guarantee they're playing online.

lelo2play3084d ago

That's 12-13 Million gold users. It's a lot of money at the end of the year.

solar3084d ago

i still dont get why people buy a console, pay an internet subscriber, then pay more to have said console to go online.

DevastationEve3084d ago

Because of the games and because of the service. Um most people don't mind paying for a good thing.

Seriously guys how can you take a billions a year company and ask them to produce the worlds premiere online gaming service for free? Sony will do it as long as you're hooked on bluray and buy into their hype, so they all have their gimmicks. At this point its all about the plus, whatever money they can make after they got you to buy the console. And money equals win, so Microsoft won this generation strategically by putting an emphasise on their superb online service.

Is the cure for AIDS gonna be free too, or do the scientists deserve a bone for their hard work?

ElementX3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I still don't get why people buy a $300 video card ($600 for SLI), 8GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, and a $300 motherboard to play games for a couple of years before they need new hardware.

darthv723084d ago

(this may be a bad example but it works...)

people buy a computer, pay an internet subscriber, then pay more to have computer go to an online "community"

Think back to the days of AOL (some are to young to remember them). They were the key online community in their time. They had everything all available to the members. Not only did they pioneer the whole "you got mail" thing but they created a sense of real "community". Others tried it as well like Compuserve.

Long story short, AOL died out because people felt they didnt need the community aspect anymore. Using AOL as a pass through to the internet got to the point of people just bypassing AOL all together and doing their own thing on the internet.

Like I said, it may be a bad example but in the console gaming world, MS is trying to bring back the community feeling of being connected to others online. PSN, in its current state, lacks that connection. So far, even with PLUS, it still feels disjoined and segmented.

There is potential for PSN and Plus but right now the Plus service is more of a costco membership. Free samples of cheese and discounted tires will only go so far.

Triggs3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

@elementx: Because PC Gamers can afford it, and they want the best.

Sez 3084d ago

I agree with the point you made. I remember back when AoL use to charge $29.00 a month for their online service. I use to tell people why pay for AoL when you can use yahoo for free. Then I realize that yahoo get too much spam and viruses. So I when with AoL and found it was a better service for the money compared to yahoo Which was free. Not same that psn is the same as yahoo. But for me I get a better value with live than I do with psn. That's just my opinion.

solar3084d ago

the thing is ApocalyPS3, the same services are available for free. and trying to use an analogy of cure for deadly diseases is totally off base mate.


paying for a superior gaming platform hardware has nothing to do with this conversation. console owners shouldnt have to pay more ontop of what they already invested in the hardware to go online. and FYI 5 year old hardware still plays games above what current console do. but you know that ;)

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Jockamo3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

"Sony Plays Catch Up

Pachter estimates Microsoft sank about a billion dollars into the effort and didn’t break even until it released its second console in 2005. Still, the early start, combined with exclusive games, means Sony won’t catch up with its PlayStation Network, he said.

“I was skeptical in ‘02 -- I thought it was stupid,” Pachter said of Xbox Live. Now, the service is driving gamers to Microsoft. “If your friends are all playing on Xbox, you get an Xbox. If they’re all on Xbox Live, you get Xbox Live.”

Pachter estimates that Sony is losing money on PlayStation Network, which sells games and other content. Last month, Sony said it will add a premium service and charge $50 a year, matching the Xbox Live fee.

Some of Xbox’s success is due to the popularity of the alien-shooting “Halo” games, which are Xbox exclusives and top-sellers.

The “Halo” franchise “essentially invented” the market for multiplayer online games on consoles, Pachter said. There are 6 million people a month who play the game on Xbox Live, and Sony probably doesn’t have half as many people playing all of its exclusive online games combined, he said."

klado3084d ago

Understandable, but still, what is the hard thing of providing online play free? that is the unique problem that I see in paying live for, disagree all you want, but still online play should be free for all of us, not only psn.

Raoh3084d ago

the difference is that 360 forces you to create an id.. psn does not..

a few of my friends are over 40 and bought a ps3 to play a more powerful ps2. they weren't aware that there was an online community or a store etc

i had to walk them through it and set it up for them..

i can assume that there are a lot of older gamers who only play offline games and never thought to create an online id, hell some of them refused to do it cause they assume it had privacy issues like having a hotmail or gmail account

cliffbo3084d ago

actually Sony said that it had 50 million accounts on PSN. yes there might be multiple accounts, but all those accounts can play for free and all those accounts can download content

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TrevorPhillips3084d ago

I understand what you're saying.

creamydingle3084d ago

Wow thought it would be a lot more

PSfan093084d ago

but i stopped paying for live when i got my ps3. i cant tell the difference really.

creamydingle3084d ago

I just thought there would be a lot more because the way the xbox fanboys go on on about how great live is and how they love to pay for online gaming and with supposedly 40 million 360 sold to me it just didn't seem that many gold uses especially how they seem to think live is so great lol honestly i thought there would be roughly half 20 mill gold users

creamydingle3084d ago

It be nice if they spent some on there network so we don't get laggy games.

LiquifiedArt3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Are slaves to the middle man. Restricted from accessing content that the developers poured their time into.

(claps) awesome guys, pure awesomesauce!