Analysis: Where Does The Console Retail Biz Go From Here?

Following weak U.S. video game retail sales for May, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews -- as part of his monthly NPD analysis -- says that the "video game industry is in a transitional state," and despite a slower Wii market, "one cannot simply lay the blame at Nintendo's feet."

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SupaGamer3080d ago

Matthews always does a great anakysis!

Danja3080d ago

well they can start by stop charging so much for games , drop the prices back to $50 , stop cutting content from the game that should have been there already , try to be more creative with there games instead of just minor improvements and calling it a sequel and start making good fun games again and not just a MP game with a tacked on SP story.

zootang3080d ago

To 3D! It only makes sense.


i remember reading a book about computer back in the schooldays and i read 'virtual reality is just a few years away' and it went on with 'it wont be long until we can just go browsing shops with virtual reality helmets' so im guessing VR :D

jaredhart3080d ago

is strong and very flexible. Things will pick up again soon. If not things will when the next systems come out in 2-3 years.

ebgeer3080d ago

That "hardcore" games arent selling. All the PS3 fanboys and xbox360 fanboys loath the Wii. and Nintendo isn't even targeting them--so why is it Nintendos fault that Blur and Alan Wake dont sell. These games arent even on the Nintendo..they arent in the market. My thought is that there are are two many 3rd party developers and they are developing too many games and too fast. Theres probably 5 AAA titles each month. Who has the time or money to consume that...not to mention the DLC and Downloadable games...The market has become very segregated---and this is what happens. Consumers become confused or loyal to one base or another and it drives prices up and number of sales down. So you end up have less people buying more expensive stuff because of this confusion. And these games mentioned I believe are very Niche games...not everyone wants to run around in a stephen king like story and not everyone is down with racing..there is a segement that does, but they are not broad appeal games. Still don't get why this guy is targeting Nintendo...the point is never really driven home.