Bungie Remake classic fan favorite "Blood Gulch" for Halo: Reach

"It's the 7th day of the 7th month which means it's time for everyone here at Bungie to rejoice and give thanks to you, our awesome fan community. As a small token of our gratitude and to reward your support in our quest for world domination, we've teamed up with our friends at Rooster Teeth to offer the gift of video. Not just any video mind you, no, this is the definitive Bungie Day machinima video from the people who created Bungie Day machinima videos. " - Bungie

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Paradicia2930d ago

The map certainly looks spectacular.

<3 Bungie

Domer252930d ago

Yup, beautiful redesign of an old classic = Win

Agree and bubbs up^^^

SixZeroFour2930d ago

i bet this is gunna be in campaign in some way too, and that they are going to try to do the same for a couple other CE maps, to make up a story about why its

blood gulch is HUGE...and the new vehicles and AA are awesome


Blaze9292930d ago

game of the year 2010. Fuck yeah bungie. Going out with a bang!

RockmanII72930d ago

They weren't kidding when they said this will be the definitive Halo game. Looks to have the best parts of all the Halo games. Can't wait for Comic-Con.

EVILDEAD3602930d ago

For the Mudda Effing Win...

I think I spent a lifetime in that Gulch..they even showed a new armour ability..

That was amazing when they showed how big the canyon is..

September can't come fast enough..I think I'm taking a week off from work..

Life is good to be a gamer these days..


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BeaArthur2930d ago

Can't wait to play me some Blood Gulch. I'm more interested to see what the hologram is all about though. I have a feeling it is going to be annoying.

Senden2930d ago

Possibly the best thing about Halo Reach so far.. I for one didn't enjoy the beta much the gameplay was way too slow to be the halo I grew to love. O and in before the ps fanboys!

FantasyStar2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I think you're referring to how Spartans run slower and don't jump as high compared to Elites and the bloom/recoil factor that now plays into gunplay plus the slower moving/turning vehicles. If so, a legitimate complaint. I for one didn't mind the changes too much.

GodGinrai2930d ago

bungie stated in a podcast recently that the spartans move quikcker than they do in the beta.

BloodyCHAMP2930d ago

bungie allready said they changed all the above from beta to final game

Fireseed2930d ago

OMG that looks like they have Valhalla right next door :3

Kingdom Come2930d ago

my respect for Bungie will be at an all time high.
Map loks great, only negative thing to be said about the Beta is Grenade damage...

BeaArthur2930d ago

Once you got used to it it wasn't that bad.

SixZeroFour2930d ago

that could be true...afterall valhalla was supposed to be a spin off of blood gulch since it wasnt in halo 3

redDevil872930d ago

Thats some nice fan service

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