Kotick dismisses PSN as money generator vs. Xbox Live

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has dismissed the PlayStation Network as a significant money generator in comparison to Xbox Live - calling Microsoft's service "the only significant alternative" to his company's own subscription behemoth, World of WarCraft.

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BeaArthur2881d ago

Well obviously, you pay $50 a year for Live and Sony just started a non mandatory subscription service. What did you expect?

Godmars2902881d ago

It Sony trying to give you some value for your money vs MS just taking it.

But what the point of making such a statement when people aren't buying the PS3 or the 360. Nevermind that Kotick had nothing to do with WOW pricing since it was already in place before the merger.

Dragun6192881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

So wait, If Kotick says He's frustrated with Xbox Live Policies and complains how it's a "Closed" platform. Dismisses PSN as a money generator Kotick needs to satisfy himself even though PSN is more of a "Open" platform. And he want's to aggressively push PC's to connect to the TV because the PC will offer him a better revenue stream along with more control?

He also hints he might include a Subscription program to play Call of Duty online? Not even an MMO, but just to play Online Multiplayer?

There's something absolutely wrong with this guy. There's nothing wrong with trying to gain more revenue but when your the best selling Publisher and your still seeking more ways to abuse your popularty to get more revenue, your bound to destroy your company's reputation and surely enough your profits will slowly go down. If Activision fails to deliver good games, it'll probably be because of this guy milking his franchises. And he also Ruined Infinty Ward. All I can say is Good Luck, Bungie.

Conloles2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

The truth hurts, there is Steam but of course ol Bobby hates the PC even though he pretends to love it.

Anon19742881d ago

So Sony selling games on PSN is just a money generator, and XBL charging money for something as basic online play isn't a cash grab?

edhe2880d ago

NB - activision pays sony's bandwidth costs for all DLC from their company - on xbl the cost is passed down to the premium consumers [which, to be fair, is where it should be since they're buying it].

So not only do more people buy stuff on Live, it costs activision less to do it.

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TheBuIIetSponge2881d ago

So he's bragging about stealing money from the customers?

koehler832881d ago

That's pretty much all he does.

TheBuIIetSponge2881d ago

Glad I don't buy from Activision then. Shit, Bungie's new IP, the bastard has me trapped.

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moparful992881d ago

Is it just me or does anyone else get the urge to beat kotick's ugly face in every time his name is mentioned? He is ruining the industry from a consumer standpoint. Investors love him because of his ability to garner revenue but he's just stealing it from us the users. I really hate this guy.

edhe2880d ago

*Nobody* is stealing money from you.

If you think they're stealing it from you because you're so weak to keep it then more fool you. The more you hand over to him the worse things get for you.

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