Blacklight: Tango Down and Monkey Island 2 arrive on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Xbox LIVE Arcade adds Blacklight: Tango Down adn Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge to its line-up this morning. One game is an ambitious multiplayer shooter from Zombie Studios and Ignition Entertainment that puts players in a near future setting with lots of high-tech gadgets and toys to do battle with. The other is an update to a classic PC adventure game.

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MattyF3081d ago

Monkey Island is a must.

Queasy3081d ago

Definitely. Though Blacklight has me very curious to try.

Neco5123081d ago

Haven't played either, I'm guessing I should try out MI2 though, seeing these other comments

CrAppleton3081d ago

I suppose I might get back into it.. time consuming though

DaRockSays3081d ago

Monkey Island 2!!! WOOT! Gotta get that ASAP!~

CrAppleton3081d ago

Calm down now dude.. lol.. I'm ready to try Blacklight. Love me some Monkey Island, but not anxious to jump back in