Bungie Day Machinima Video is our Present

Game-Smack Ireland: Today is Bungie Day and Bungie have teamed up with Rooster Teeth to say thank you. Happy Bungie day. This video includes brand new Halo: Reach gameplay in a very familiar place.

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Paradicia3081d ago

Awesome. Blood gulch combined with Valhalla is instant WIN!

BeaArthur3081d ago

Yeah, really looking forward to that map. Not sure I'm too big on the hologram though. I can see that getting really old really quick. Hopefully it's just a single player ability.

N4PS3G3081d ago

I was sad when i saw that the surprise was just a machinima video....but when it jumped to the Reach engine and they showed Blood Gulch ...i started re-living every single late night drunk halo 1 lan party i had. Fu*kin great memories. Thank you Bungie.

RockmanII73081d ago

you also get a flaming helmet in halo 3 for today only

HarryM3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Wow, so one of the new Armour Abilities lets you create holograms of yourself. Simply put, that's just amazing.

And the map they were showing looks like a mix of Valhalla and Blood Gultch.

3081d ago