InFamous 2: Chain Link Menace Solved

In an exclusive interview with Play during a visit to Sucker Punch’s studio, inFamous 2 development director Chris Zimmerman assured that Cole MacGrath’s troubles with chain link fences in inFamous were a thing of the past.

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branchedout2903d ago

No longer will I have to watch enemies shoot at me through this chain link fence, as I now can take car of them.

Most righteous.

himdeel2903d ago

...on enemies behind fences or force push them against the wall.

Christopher2903d ago

Note that he said you'd 'probably' be able to climb them. Nothing was mentioned about being able to shoot lightning through them and nothing final about whether you can climb them or not.

TheAwesomessMan2903d ago

You wouldn't be able to shoot lighting through a fence it'll be like the fence wasn't there.

nickjkl2903d ago

they have solved everything about this game the only thing i didnt like abou infamous was how he fired lightning from his hands

Mc Fadge2903d ago

Where else would it come from? His eyes?

Game-ur2903d ago

"Where else would it come from? His eyes?"

Man, it would be great if he had heat vision.
Somebody should make a most wanted powers list.

Gambit072903d ago

No, his a.., nevermind.

nickjkl2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

got dam you guys are dumb i said the way it came out of his hands
1:40 in this video

2:44 in this video

rdgneoz32902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

"how he fired lightning from his hands" can be taken a number of ways. And I heard for the 2nd one they're changing it to his left hand so you can see what you're targeting better since when it zooms in a bit. With the right hand as it use to be in the first game, it'd obstruct your view. And as for the way it comes out, I liked the first games way with the huge stream of lightning coming out of your hand. Still the 2nd one looks nice, a bit different (less clutter on the screen so you can have more explosions elsewhere) but still nice.

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byeGollum2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

from the footage of infamous 2, he does(shoots)that stylishly now

The Great Melon2903d ago

I loved the tornado animation. He literally pulls the wind to get it spinning.

Christopher2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I don't think nickjkl means that the lightning shouldn't come from his hands, only how it looked when it came out of his hands.

I personally didn't have an issue with it and the second game seems to be looking to mix lightning with other elements so it's all good for me.

Morituri2903d ago

I just finished infamous - great game! I'm so glad that the chain link shield has beer addressed. One question though, I'm trying to get 100% completion on the side quests but the last one won't open up. Its near the pier where all those mad suicide bombers keep showing up near the little cemetery. Any suggestions?

Hardbladestone2903d ago

Beat the bombers one will give you the mission

KiL-shablogin2903d ago enemy will give you a find the shards mission

inveni02903d ago

That's right. Those are always the hardest to figure out what you're supposed to do.

2903d ago
redsquad2903d ago

I hope they 'fix' the voice acting that some of the extras delivered. The accents of many of the characters that gave you side missions were excrutiating; a cross between Simpsons supporting charaters and Droopy.

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The story is too old to be commented.