Should R.U.S.E. get Kinect?

The only thing that disappoints us about R.U.S.E. as we stare enviously across the chasm between formats is that the PS3 is getting its greasy motion-detecting mitts all over it. And there’s no sign of a Kinect/R.U.S.E. update yet. So why should it get one?

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ThatCanadianGuy3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"Unfortunately for Xbox 360 owners, there are no plans to support Kinect. Girard said the stumbling point was having to play standing up while using Microsoft's rival motion-sensing tech."

No kinect support for R.U.S.E Confirmed via Eurogamer.

Chubear3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

... I see we're still pretending Kinetic can be used for actual traditional gamer games. Ok, I'll play along w/ this 'whos the fool' game. Tag, ur it.

captain-obvious3081d ago

it should
but i dont know why it Wont

krisprolls3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Ok PS Move 1-0 Kinect

Final score will be around 50-0 for PS Move since you CAN'T play ANY core game with Kinect since :

- it has no buttons

- therefore, it has no user feedback

- it has no precision

- you get tired in 2 minutes waving your arms and standing up

- it's laggy

- it doesn't work while sitting

Move on the other hand looks very promising with both "Wii HD" games and real core games (Ruse, Killzone, Socom, Sorcerer, Heavey Rain and tons more)

Hades13373081d ago

can I have your Kinect then, since you obviously have one from the statements your making here...

Bigpappy3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

That was the Eurogamer guy adding his 2 cents. Before the end of the week, UBI will announce that R.U.S.E will support Kinect.

krisprolls3081d ago

no, confirmed by the devs

Biglet3082d ago

I know :(

That doesn't mean the megalomaniac in me can accept this truth. I cling to the slim hope that one day, with a simple gesture I'll be able to save or condemn legions of soldiers. It's Kinect for R.U.S.E. or Black & White 3.

Godmars2903082d ago

Though Ruse was being made specifically with both Move and Kenect in mind?

When the heck did this - not - happen?

The Lazy One3082d ago

it's made primarily with touch PC's in mind and being adapted for other things.

krisprolls3081d ago

It will be the same in every game. Move will be supported, but not Kinect, since you can't (see above).

LEO_cst3082d ago

why the fuck would you want to play that standing up?

GodsHand3081d ago

because it's R.U.S.E.

Rise Up Stupid Earthlings.

skip2mylou3081d ago

im not sure if i would even wwant to stand up for god knows how many hours waiving my hands around while im controlling my men

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The story is too old to be commented.