Inked Models: A Look at Video Game Characters & Tattoos

A character’s design remains key in not only their characterisation, but as a reflection of the game’s style and design mythos. Ostentatiously designed characters can reflect the silliness, over-the-top or otherworldliness of the game’s environment, realistically styled characters immediately bring the tone of the game to a more level-headed setting and so on. Each aspect of the character brings more insight into themselves and their surroundings, therefore it’s no surprise that artists and designers in this visual medium harbour a high level of talent and knowledge to create the storytellers and scene-setters in their game’s world. Tattoos have made, and broken, many video game characters, and so I will take a look at why they are so important, how to ink your character, and some examples of good and bad uses of tattoos in games.

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Cloudberry2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Kazuma Kiryu for the win!



From the article :

"Takaya Kuroda from the “Yakuza” series has a complete back tattoo, but nowhere else on his body."



The article's wrong about this.

The character Is Kazuma (first) Kiryu (last), not Takaya Kuroda.

Takaya Kuroda is the voice actor of Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza series.

PS : Nice written article.

LuckySkunk2936d ago

Thanks for the edit, much appreciated :D

Mike Bell2936d ago

Yeah brilliant article Dave, I still miss tattoos being one black pixel among a few pink pixels back in the day though. ;)

Lightningz2936d ago

Interesting read! Nice to see a unique perspective on the finer details of video games.

2936d ago