Sony’s Yoshida saddened by Insomniac switch

Sony was told back in 2008 that Insomniac Games wanted to break away from the platform holder, the company has revealed.

Now two years later, and a few weeks after EA’s deal with Insomniac went public, a high-profile Sony executive tells Develop he was personally saddened by the studio’s switch.

”We grew up together” says Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios. “Insomniac’s first tile was on our first platform."

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Cloudberry3082d ago

But I think it's better for Insomniac & everyone could enjoy their games together.

captain-obvious3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

just like bungie
i agree

The difference is insomniac did confirm that they’ll still make PS3 exclusives unlike bungie

-MD-3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

You honestly think Bungie won't make future 360 exclusives? It's freaking Bungie. They put the xbox on the map.

Microsoft gets first dibs on anything Bungie comes up with.

On topic though: I'm pumped about Insomniac going multiplatform.

"1- they made a 10 years deal with activison = no exclusives for 10 years" --- So you're saying that it's entirely impossible for Bungie to work on a different game for a different company while fulfilling their contract with Activition? Really now?

Anarki3082d ago

Except Microsoft hyped Halo & Bungie up...

captain-obvious3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

yep they wont
1- they made a 10 years deal with activison = no exclusives for 10 years
2- they actually separated them selves away from MS
if they really wanted to do xbox exclusives they would’ve sated with MS instead of going in all of this shit storm
3- they did state the reach is there last HALO game
If they made a new xbox exclusive then do you really think its going to e as big as halo ??? i don’t think so
but insomniac made a deal with EA to publish their mlutiplatform game since they are 3rd party already but at the same time ted price did confirm that they'll still make games for sony's platform in the vidieo where he announced the EA deal

and i do agree bungie did put the xbox up there but still that’s MS lost
they should’ve kept them instead of just letting them go

and the link you posted provides nothing ... at all
and read the rest

and dont worry
you'll find something else to play on your xbox

Cold 20003082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Lol @captain obvious post right above, clearly doesnt know ish of what he's talking about :)
Anyway dude big budget exclusives are almost always better than multi's and this gen has showed that clearly.

I'm sure Bungie's next project will be great but just dont expect it to be exclusive kind of great. Same goes for Insomniac but then again I didnt see anyone ever drooling on Resistance for instance.

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bennyace3082d ago

Not that I want to argue. But if you look at Metacritic. On the Ps3 as well as the 360, 7 of the top 10 highest rated games this gen are multiplatform games. So beeing exclusive doesn't meen that it's better automaticly.

sikbeta3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


I'll tell you Why Bungie will not Make exclusives for MS, in fact they'll not make exclusive games for anyone, just Multiplat and that's because they have a Deal with Activision, there's no way in Hell Activision make an IP exclusivity deal with any company, sure they go with Timed Exclusive DLCs and Bundles, but that's it, There are more chances that Hell get Frozen in a Second that Activision miss an opportunity to Squeeze Money as Much as They Can...

Commander_TK3082d ago

reveal R3? Btw, Insomniac is the best dev this gen

IdleLeeSiuLung3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I don't play exclusives. I play the games, and some of the greatest games are multi-platform.

However, others are free to only support exclusives. I don't enjoy stopping others from playing a great game, only fanboys are concnerned about that.

I support great games I enjoy to play!

KS19853082d ago

Well put captain-o, here have a bubble

Its on the house :D

Bloodraid3081d ago

Wow, check out all the fanboyism here.

Cloudberry: Better for Insomniac, and everyone can enjoy their games. - 27 Agrees, 39 Disagrees.

Captain-obvious: Better for Bungie, and everyone can enjoy thei games. - 52 Agrees, 8 Disagrees.

Seriously, what kinda bullshit is that? Really? I too am rather saddened by Insomniac going multiplat, but this Sony fanboy shit is getting very damn annoying.

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NYC_Gamer3082d ago

long as i can still play their games on ps3 i'm happy

rezzah3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I agree, dont want to miss out on their amazing games.

To me they were always just as good as Naughty Dog, because since the old days (ps1) they both have been putting out amazing games like Crash and Spyro.


Why anyone would disagree with your comment is beyond me.
How sad.

Double Toasted3082d ago

To me, Bungie has a lot more to prove than Insomniac. Bungie better bring some AAA fan service or they'll be laughed off the block. The one thing no one can deny Bungie being good at, is the nurturing of its community through the Halo series.

Bnet3433081d ago

You're an idiot if you think Bungie has to prove something to fanboys.

Jazz41083081d ago

How many bungie games have been exclusive since they split from ms. I think everyone of them and I gurantee there will be more besides there little 1 game contract and it is one game or series of the same game.

SkyGamer3081d ago

How many games has Bungie released since their split has been exclusive? Halo 3 ODST, Marathon XBLA, Halo Reach. The contract is for one IP. It is better to let a talented studio like Bungie to let them go on peaceful terms rather than still hold on to them with an Iron Fist. Besides MS still has a stake in Bungie so they won't let that go. Even MS still states that Bungie is STILL our "First Party Developer". Now how could they be if they were doing nothing but multis? Also Bungie stated that they wanted to develop for as many people as possible. They never stated that they would develop for ps3. They have said that ps3 challenge won't faize them. That does not mean that they will make a ps3 game. PC market which makes up more than all gens combined, plus you have the Wii, DS, 3DS, Macs, Mobile Phones, X360, Zune, ipod, etc. That could cover a lot of people without the ps3 crowd. Difference with insomniac is that they said they WOULD make games for X360. Even so more power to Bungie. They can't take over the world if they make games for only X360. Besides with their experience, the game will be the definitive version on the X360 anyway.

Kerrby3082d ago

I'd rather Insomniac stay with Sony and Bungie stay with Microsoft.

jack_burt0n3082d ago

agreed more exclusives the better.

electrolemon3081d ago

Why? You don't want people with Xboxes to have a chance to play Insomniac games?

HolyOrangeCows3082d ago

The thing is, Insomniac never pushed the Ps3. Resistance 2 wasn't all that great. I thought Tools of Destruction was iffy....

Insomniac...kinda failed the PS3.

olit1233082d ago

I don't think so, on metacritic all of their 4 retail ps3 releases are above 8/10 which is pretty good. I would definitely give them all a higher score than that though.

Pumbli3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

HolyOrangeCows - You do know that without Resistance FoM, the PS3 launch lineup (in NA) would probably have been the worst ever?

Plus it doesn't matter if you like the games or not, millions enjoyed both Resistance 2 and ToD. They were both great exclusives and amazing additions to the PS3 exclusive library.

Dramscus3082d ago

Maybe they'll be the exception to the buggy and or crappy multi platform games rule

rumplstilts3082d ago

Who the hell dissagree'd with cloudberry? That is about the most fanboy thing i have ever seen. You should be happy for them about to grow their wings and fly! Jesus Christ a bunch of elitist fanboys don't wanna share their developer? Sicening.

electrolemon3081d ago

Are you fucking kidding me? People are disagreeing that everyone being able to play games is a bad thing?

This site is the absolute worst.

IaMs123081d ago

haha FUNNY how Cloudberry gets all these Disagrees that Insomniac going multi is good for everyone, Just like bungie is, but everyone agrees that its fair for bungie.... WTF PS3 fanboys HYPOCRISY!

NYPunkster3081d ago

As long as the lead platform for any future games is the PS3 we're good.

MazzingerZ3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

”...and I am very happy how they approached the announcement." = they didn't show up at MSFT press conference to announce a title that was anyway multiplatform

ilikecookies3081d ago

make a complete 10 year deal. The 10 year deal expands over 1 new franchise for a course of 10 years. In other words its one game and its sequels and/or prequal. I read it in an interview and saw a video. Don't remember exactly where. So Bungie can still make games with Microsoft.

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SilverSlug3082d ago

That they are doing a new IP. Been waiting since I played Resistance (which I quite liked).

waltyftm3082d ago

It's all good in the hood.

BeaArthur3082d ago

Of course he's saddened, he would want Insomniac to develop exclusively for Sony.

3082d ago