EA p*ssed at California game law, it's like telling Spielberg you need 50 movie cuts

The boss of EA has expressed huge concern at the prospect of revisiting California game laws. Mr Riccitiello claims that it is possible that the industry will end up with state level bureaucracies that define what's marketable in 50 different places in the US. He added that it is like telling Spielberg that they need 50 different cuts of his movie for each and every state, therefore it could 'screw us up' in a real way.

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Quagmire3082d ago

I clicked only coz of the Jurassic Park logo

Conloles3082d ago

I clicked hoping to see Newman's death

sonicsidewinder3082d ago

"....There it is!"

iceman29293082d ago

A few years ago , i went to universal studios in california. The guy on the tour kart ride thing said they were making a fourth one when we drove by the set of the 2nd one. Im still pissed to this day that he lied to me. I WANT JURASSIC PARK 4!

iceman29293082d ago

Fuck you man. Jurassic Park is awesome.

rezzah3082d ago

Yea, ive known about the 4 th one for years now, from what ive read, the company that has been trying to get their hands on some Dino DNA is back and they will mutate the DInosaurs. Ever seen the first Juraasic Park movie? Well remember the bottle that got covered in mud that was filled with DNA? Yep they guy who hired the fat guy in the first place works for that company. Now, im not sure how they will force her, but the girl is coming back, and shes being forced to go back to the island to get that very bottle that was coeverd in mud.

What i hagve read makes a lot of sense, so I wont dismis this possibility.

Merivigian3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

aww you beat me to it.
Heh heh.. alright

BeaArthur3082d ago

I will vote against any elected official who has an anti game stance.

koehler833082d ago

If you disagree, then don't sell your product there. Let the electorate fight your battles for you, if they feel your product is worth their time/money.

evilmonkey5013082d ago

Exactly, then you could just order it from the next state over...eventually you'll piss off enough people to get it changed. I used to live in California till recently (my whole life).I miss California, but I Cant say I miss the California state government.

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The story is too old to be commented.