Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Map Pack 4 Launched

DICE has announced the fourth VIP map pack for Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been released.

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Djorgo3083d ago

Let's rock and roll! :D

Hanif-8763082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Atacama Desert Rush and Port Valdez what more could i ask for? i'm fixed for now :-)

xYLeinen3083d ago

What about giving us some NEW maps or maps from previous iterations of Battlefield instead??

jhoang3083d ago

Par on the course!!!!

BeaArthur3082d ago

Probably won't happen. Since they have said they won't be charging for the maps we will probably just continue to have the BC2 maps reformatted for other game modes. I don't have an issue with it because I only play rush and so I have only played the "new" maps once or twice or not at all. Totally new maps would be nice but somehow I don't think we'll be seeing that.

FragGen3082d ago

Agree... I'd PAY for some maps that are actually new. The "free maps" thing sounded good at first but, now, it's not quite so exciting since it seems to imply no really NEW maps.

mrv3213082d ago

They CANNOT add maps, BC2 is server based, if a person doesn't have a map it creates heaps of problems.

That's why they are making the Onslaught and Vietnam things as they will use OTHER servers.

They should add bad company maps for free as a good will gesture... but what maps would you choose?

I like the desert rush mode, but could that be too similar too other, I liked the fuel one that was cool. Choose 4 MAPS you'd like to see bare in mind they must work with all 4 modes and be original.

Par for the course FTW.

cyberwaffles3082d ago

some BC1 maps would be great. honestly i'm not feeling some of the ones in the game. some of them have too much vegetation and i have a hard time seeing people.

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lefty burns3082d ago

meet the new maps... same as the old maps

TheNocturnus3082d ago

How about adding more achievements DICE? I already got 1180/1180... I need more.

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The story is too old to be commented.