NBA 2K11 cover is 'The Greatest of All-Time'
"2K Sports has revealed the NBA 2K11 cover art featuring Michael Jordan. Dubbed "The Greatest of All-Time", it features a highly-stylized, three-panel, iconic image of Jordan, represents a departure from previous NBA 2K titles to reflect the significance of having the greatest player of all time grace the cover."

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Quagmire2721d ago

this wouldve been better

MariaHelFutura2721d ago

That`s a great cover, I like the fragmented personality.

kanetheking2721d ago

that is ok not a 6 and that 5 fingers.i bet u think ppl are watching u lol

Jamegohanssj52721d ago

But Kobe Bryant was on the cover last year.


HolyOrangeCows2721d ago

No one has made a Kanye West joke yet?!

AAACE52721d ago

And when it sells like crazy because of the cover, they will change the name to Jordan NBA 2K12! Similar to how the Madden name works.

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killyourfm2721d ago

The tongue is BACK! HAHA! I'm not much into b-ball, is he playable?

Neco5122721d ago

The tongue is back? lol, I bet the ladies like that. hahahaha

orange-skittle2721d ago

Jordan is a brand and you could never use him in the past you had to license him. That's why he wasn't in early b-ball games. The game will have him as well as new styles and animations never used before. They use the euphoria engine so the game gets better every year. EA cannot compete in this realm no matter what they try to w/ their new marketing brand of NBA LIVE now called NBA ELITE. I am sure we will see a revamped dunk contest, Jordan gear, 1-on-1 with the greatest, and amazing commentary as usual. NBA 2K has always been the upper echelon of NBA basketball games. Not a Maddenite, but I think this is the year Madden gets it right. The halftime, post and pre game shows will be crap or non existent, but gameplay will be what it should be.

DaRockSays2721d ago

Like Mike! I wanna be like Mike!

chasegarcia2721d ago

like mike dk?? lol middle school jk

chak_2721d ago

what about you actually change something in the game for once?

feels like playing almost the same since 2k7.

Sure they tweak a thing or two and add a few animations, but now they need some big change. Won't buy this year edition just for jordan.

And bobcats should have won !

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The story is too old to be commented.