‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update (7th July 2010)

EU Playstation blog writes: As one more week passes by, one more week of fresh store content is here to greet you; don’t you love this routine we have. I set out our wares, and you come along and loiter in the aisles, and touch all the merchandise leaving fingerprints everywhere, and then go on your merry way. Sometimes you may even gently abuse me too. It’s all so familiar, and when I’m not around like last week I do miss it. So it’s a pleasure to be back this week.

Anyway, enough inane blathering, I suppose it’s time to follow on with tradition and list the new content, and give you my thoughts on the highlights this week (in no specific order).

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mushroomwig3080d ago

I'm not feeling this update. :(

sixaxis3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

yeah, thats what i thought, why no ps plus update? atleast give us new free Avatars.

zootang3080d ago

Once a month hence the monthly subscription. An avatar or theme would have been nice though.

PS3GamerFix3080d ago

I too expected PS Plus weekly updates (at least in terms of game discounts) but to have them only once a month seems a little restrictive. I want to get PS Plus.... i really do... but like some dudes on a podcast stated its way too goods-based rather than service-based for now so if u already have or are not interested in the discounted (or "free") games its pretty much useless. I could nevertheless see the appeal of it.

jack_burt0n3080d ago

£4 for afterburner is a good deal.

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