Ubisoft tease secret project based in Russia

Made2Game writes: Over Twitter, Ubisoft are teasing a secret project based in St Petersburg in Russia.

Two comic book artists, Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart are teasing a secret project relating to Ubisoft’s UbiWorkshop website.

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Quagmire2963d ago

In Russia, DRM fails you!

captain-obvious2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

In soviet Russia, Game makes you!

Hellsvacancy2963d ago

Go on, make a game where u can play as a Russian Burlesque lady

jjohan352963d ago

Ubisoft needs to halt all development projects until they come out with the next Rainbow Six. I'm getting tired of waiting, Ubisoft.

BillOreilly2963d ago

soviet smugglers:vodka edition
dlc pack: caviar edition

jay22963d ago

Intresting, keeping my eyes on this.

kneon2963d ago

It sounds like assassins creed is moving into the 1700's, and they've picked yet another city I know pretty well.