Alone In The Dark heading on to PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii

Alone in the Dark is a series of survival horror computer games from Infogrames. In most of the series, the gamer plays as private investigator Edward Carnby, who usually goes to investigate a haunted mansion or town that is full of undead creatures. The story is based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, although later games in the series drew inspiration from other sources including Voodoo, the Wild West, and the works of H.R. Giger. The series has enjoyed a lot of succes and the next installment is heading on to Wii, as well as the other main consoles, 360 and PS3.

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Loudninja3790d ago

I htought it was announce for all 3 awhile back?

monkey6023790d ago

the fact that its on wii is new to me, i cant wait to see this in motion

_insane_cobra3790d ago

Enough with worthless forum posts posted as news, god dammit!