VideoGamer: Vanquish Preview

Like an out of date prawn sandwich, the riskiest part of a cover-to-cover shooter is the bit in the middle. Oh sure, you're safe when you're squatting behind that conveniently-placed crate, or when you're ducking behind a waist-high concrete barrier, but the bit that comes in between… well, that's kind of scary. Out in the open, your fleshy body is as squishy and vulnerable as a newborn kitten, and a smattering of bullets is all it takes to leave you punctured, bleeding and mewling on the pavement. Yes sir, "cover" and "cover" are fine; it's the "to" that'll kill ya.

But in the case of Vanquish, Platinum games has come up with a new solution: get the player from A to B as quickly as possible, via the show-off method of a metal suit with jets attached to the feet.

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