PS3 Game of the Month: July 2007

The entire IGN PlayStation Team has come together so that they can you what they thought was the very best game for each system last month... and why.

One title slices and dices the competition.

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MEGANE3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

This game n halo 1 were the only reason why i bought an xbox like 3 years ago. Now i regret i already play was so good but a just can't spend 60 dollars on sigma. but if anyone haven't play this game yet just do it, is one of the best games ever!!!

Shaka2K63980d ago

Since when did IGN start making this game of the month articules?
oh well NGS is right for july for PS3 it looks gorgeous without a doubt best action next gen. game to date until Heanvely Sword drops ofcourse.
demos for both games totally rocked too this justs makes me want this games even more.

LeonSKennedy4Life3980d ago is the best action so far...but HS will destroy it...and DMC4 will destroy BOTH of them. Devil May Cry just has SO MUCH MORE to do and SO MANY MORE moves and combos that are actually DIFFERENT!!! It's not just a bunch of variations from ONE MOVE!

I need Dead Rising BAD!!!

TheBeginningOfTheEnd3980d ago

your game of the month is a remake of an xbox game!

but still, if you haven't played ninja gaiden this is the version to get, no doubt about it. it looks very sexy.

WIIIS13980d ago

NGS is likely to be game of the year for PS3 - its just a sweet sweet game. Can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2 which I think might be one of the many exclusive heavy hitters for Xbox360 for the year 2008.

LeonSKennedy4Life3980d ago

Game of the year??? haha...are you drunk?

- HS
- Haze
- Uncharted
- R&CF:TofD
- Lair


Uncharted for GOTY award on ANY console. Hands-DOWN!

timmyrulz3980d ago

I too finished this game about 3 years ago....... hurray for the super duper, this is next gen i got blue ray and i will rip you off if you buy me, the best console in the world ever bar none ps3 lol

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