IncGamers: Alien Breed: Impact Review

IncGamers' Peter Parrish tackles Team 17's remake of the classic but should the Alien Breed series have stayed back in the 1990's?

From the review:

"As if to cement its lineage early on, there's a neat callback to the original in the short, black and white introductions to each campaign mission. These are now presented in a professional-looking comic book style rather than as atrocities that would make MS Paint blush (seriously, just watch the start of this video to see what developers used to be able to get away with,) but the cheeseball dialogue and bare-bones exposition are pure Alien Breed (indeed, pure 1990s action title in general.)"

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Djorgo3082d ago

It should have stayed!

Dorjan3082d ago

aww you can't give Alien Breed a 4.2!