Kinect for Xbox 360 pre-order sales hold in top 10

Pre-order sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect for the Xbox 360 held in the top 10 sales this week at GameStop Corp.'s online division.

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xYLeinen3079d ago

I don't geddit. How can people order something without knowing how this will fully work in a household. There is still sooo much confusion and things we don't know about Kinect yet to preorder and be 100% excited for this.

Omega43079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Isn't it obvious?

Its because its something new. 3D full-body motion tech has never been done before on consoles the closest anything has got is Sony's 2D Eyetoy. People have got an idea of how it works from reading hands on previews from E3, and everyone seems to think its fun.

So if you are interested in it, it would be wise to preorder now cause once the casual find out about it don't expect it to be easy to find in stores.

You may have noticed that the only MS studio really making Kinect games is Rare since the 3rd party support is so strong.

I don't need any hardcore games for Kinect there are plenty of those already avaliable on the 360

SOAD3079d ago

Does Kinect even interest you? MS needs more studios. They're spreading themselves thin with Kinect.

The real killer3079d ago

No, it's not FULL 3D body.

Fingers are not tracking by Kinect.
It's just a upgrade over the Eye toy, nothing more.

van-essa3079d ago

I "ignored" you for crist's sake how come I still get to see the crap you post?

On topic: I never pre-order anything, I'll just walk to the store and get it when it's out, in November.

krisprolls3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Kinect is basically an Eyetoy+ with worse games and less functions, but priced higher...

PS Move on the other hands showed real games and looks a lot more interesting, while being a lot cheaper.

Dance games and casual shovelware where I can't even sit ? No thanks, I'll diskinect.

120FPS3079d ago

Im not sure if people are aware of this but Kinect does more than play games, I cant remember the eye toy doing a quater of the stuff kinect can do

Double Toasted3079d ago

What the fuck is an eyetoy?

Chris3993079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Notwithstanding that using pre-orders as any sort of empirical data isn't accurate at all.

What's the point of these articles? For once I agree with Cliffy B, quality over quantity. I'd rather have a dozen interesting, thought-proviking articles or previews than the hundreds of flame-fest, statistic strewn, gibberish write-ups that we see each day.

krisprolls3079d ago

@120FPS : then you're uninformed. PSEye does the exact same thing.

Voice commands : any 10 $ mic can be used to do that, but it still sucks cause pressing buttons is a lot faster and more precise.

Kinectimals < 30$ Eyepet, same game but worse...

Mr_Bun3079d ago

Looks like Justin Bieber did the trick!

halojunkie3079d ago

great article.

ps3 rules ;)

Azerach3079d ago

is ranked 647 at ... not doing so hot outside US it seems.

36T3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


What's an Eyetoy? Before Kinect was even mentionned, nobody even cared about the Eyetoy. Now it's a hidden gem made by Sony?

Since Kinect does the EXACT same thing as an Eyetoy, I guess we'll be seeing 3rd party multiplats for both, right? Looking forward to it.

"Kinectimals < 30$ Eyepet, same game but worse..."

lmao! This dude has never even used an Eyetoy. *shakes head*

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

If Kinect succeeds, I guess Sony will look like idiots to all the people that think PS Eye is basically the same thing. After all, Sony had the technology first, right? Instead they copied the Wii....

This is not a suprise to me, Kinect has been selling well on as well, almost four 4 months prior to release with a high price tag. If pre-sell is any indication, this thing will sell like hot cakes!

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Donny3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

what "hardcore" games are ya buyin eh? EEEH!? and dont say kinectimals

FreeFalling3079d ago

I knew it would obviously attract to the masses. But eh, I prefer the 360 over the PS3 slightly, but I'm not a fanboy, and definitely am not gonna fall for Kinect's casual direction.

The only reason I would buy it is for my family that seems interested in it however. :\

RatFuker3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

fanboy punisher....oh teh sales! oooohhhh teh sales!!!! ohh weee! owwww teeeeeh saaaaaalleesss! dats all dat mattas! oooh teh sales!!

AK463079d ago

So you told your family how great this Kinect thing is going to be, because I can't see how anyone but the hardcore gamers would know about the Kinect. Hell! all my friends from work who owns a PS3/360 don't even about Kinect/move. Since your not a fanboy, did you even mention the 'Move", and the pros and cons of each system?

RonXD3079d ago

Microsoft is using the media to push this to that "casual audience".

Using stars such as Justin Bieber to advertise their product will alert the casual consumers about Kinect.

FreeFalling3079d ago

I told them about the PS Move, and they said they'd rather just get a Wii. Lol yeah. :\ Casuals.
The thing is, that's gonna be happening alot.

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FanboyPunisher3079d ago

Ohh yeah ms is the king
Ohh yeah top ten for kinect
Ohh yeah outselling ps3
Ohh yeah the life of a king

Xfanboy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Didn't you pre order a ps3 when it came out if not then someone did!!!

Umm your confused not me it's a motion camera for motion games!!

like eye toy accept will sell becuz it will actually be advertised & pushed with games to the masses!!

If it sells it sells if it doesn't fine!! it's not your money kid!!

ur comfused about this

but not this I bet..

deep down inside fanboys don't want it to sell (they have problems)!! as long as it's not cloud gaming new tech is ok with me (PC,360 or Ps3)!!!

End of...

MNicholas3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Very few consumers even know about "Kinect."

That's why the pre-order sales are only doing well on-line.

If actual demand from real consumers was so hot you'd have people calling up physical stores are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc... but this is definitely not happening. Just ask anyone who works at those stores how often someone asks them if they can pre-order Kinect.

On-line pre-order numbers are frequently manipulated by large companies to give the impression of demand and get press attention. It's costs little to do and provides a lot of press for the money.

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago

So I guess this is selling well with the hardcore demographic of the 360 then? Clearly it is selling to someone....

This is 4 months until release, with little actual mainstream advertisement and it has been selling well at the $150 price tag. Everything indicates it will do well from actual gamers trying it out to all the pre-sell.

sid4gamerfreak3079d ago

this shows that casuals r very interested in kinect...

do you think for a second that they think of lag and other technical stuff like we, hardcore gamers do? Kinect has been hyped and the casuals r getting sucked into the hype...

MmaFanQc3079d ago

thx,..but no thx, i will pass on kinect, instead i will buy the move because of the buttons and i will be able to sit on my couch.

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Dazel3079d ago

Ive seen enough to be sold. My daughters loves Kinectimals.

Xfanboy3079d ago

4+ fanboys disagree your daughters don't like it guess!! lmao!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago

I think it will be an awesome toy for the kids. I could only dream of this stuff when I was a kid. Probably why I'm pre-ordering it.... About 15 years too late.

RememberThe3573079d ago

I would hate to have this thing in my house. Too bad I'm damn near homeless... :(

Projekt7tuning3079d ago

There is always chemical castration available. And if your almost homeless I'm sure you can find groups that will do it for free for you. J/K

xYLeinen3079d ago

Well, it's not like I don't get it's potential, I do, but the games etc. I've seen so far ain't that impressive.

And from a consumer view, especially casual, ain't "150 bucks" a lot of cash for a casual device?

krisprolls3079d ago

Kinect is already down to 49th rank in Amazon bestsellers, so it's clearly not doing well at all due to its recent bad press and limitations (2 players, need to stand up, no core game, 149$...).

PS Move looks a lot better actually...

Even the new 360 is now already below the PS3 (#17 vs #13) in sales.

MNicholas3079d ago

Microsoft simply moved their pre-order purchasing budget to other online retailers so that each week they can say it's top 10 at a different online retailer.

In truth, very few actual consumers are buying this thing. Most don't even know it exists.

gamer78043079d ago

That makes no sense, as of today the new xbox on amazon is at #7, Kinect was in the top 10, now its still 17, pretty darn good. I couldn't even find the ps move on their best sellers list, i got tired after getting to #60. Also, you can sit down, while playing kinect, that was an old , and now debunked rumor. Lastly, The 2 players is also a rumor, primesense noted that their tech can track any number of players and its up to the software how many it choses to track at a time. The price is also not official, but speculated to be 149.

wicked3079d ago

The new 360 is out of stock until the 13th, that's why it's dropped.

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