Sorcery and Kinect Adventures Use Unreal Engine 3

Epic Games has revealed that Sony's Sorcery and Kinect Adventures are both using Unreal Engine 3.

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Quagmire3083d ago


slow news day, maybe?

Unbiased13083d ago

can someone copy/paste text, i dont want to register to read articles

Spydr073083d ago

i dont want to register to read articles

There, your text was copied and pasted successfully. Anything else? A shoe shine, perhaps? Don't be so lazy...

FanboyPunisher3083d ago

Lol I'll wait for diablo 3, ue3 is for fails. Unless your company says your Epic

lelo2play3083d ago

Oh boy...

Now PS3 fanboys are going to bash Sorcery because it uses Unreal Engine 3.

The_Zeitgeist3083d ago

I swear I want to be excited for Sorcery but it looks too much like a Harry Potter game for me. Hopefully the game play ends up being great. Then I can just buy it for the kid and act like I don't want to play it.

The_Zeitgeist3083d ago

Dang! Why all the hate for Sorcery.

Pedobear Rocks3083d ago

Wii but isn't.

Very excited for Sorcery for me and all the kids.


Si_853083d ago

People are disagreeing with you because you're knocking Harry Potter.

I'm waiting for Move and voice-recognition via PSEye integration into a future Harry Potter game; using both "wand" gestures are verbally saying the spell you wish to cast, just like it is important in the HP universe for wizards to use the two correctly in tandem.

Throw in Move-orb light changing colour/pulse as you use spells in-game and 1 to 1 PSEye-Move tracking for targeting and moving levitated objects, and you've got a game that uniquely showcases all of the attributes of the PSEye + Move functionality.

edhe3083d ago

LOL, if you knock harry potter you get the same amount of disagrees as when you knock a sony product?

Some nice age-group stereotyping can be extrapolated from that. ;)

WetN00dle693083d ago

Sorcery looks pretty cool.
One of the many reasons to buy move!

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The Meerkat3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Gears of War Kinect CONFIRMED!

edit: Wow, look at all the disagrees. When did people on N4G loose their sense of humour?

Spydr073083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I agree. I've always found it easier to breathe into a bag and hold that. It keeps your breath from slipping between your fingers.

PirosThe4th3083d ago

Ok you will loose on your firefights when trying to throw a grenade on the game...
The easy push of a button against the movement with your arm while taking your hand of the controller... Plus the lag and delay that it has make a perfect combination of how not to play a

SOAD3083d ago

Oh, you were trying to be funny?

The real killer3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Hahaha, Kinect can't detect triggers by fingers.
Mebay voice like pew,pew,pew :):):):) It's a idea right ;)
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----------------

Accoording those disagree clikers, kinect can detect fingers right?
It's so damn difficult with many child fanboys here.

That pew,pew,pew was just a joke, look at the smily for godsake.
Stupid kids with no sign of humor.

sid4gamerfreak3083d ago

man why r there so many bad jokes in this news post?

Prcko3083d ago

oh i love sorcery game,can't w8 to see more.
Sorcery gonna be so fun to play :)

krisprolls3083d ago

I wish Sorcery used a proprietary engine instead. Day one buy anyway...

edhe3083d ago

Yes, because delays and increased costs are always twice the fun!

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