NowGamer Preview: XBLA Summer of Arcade Full Lineup

NowGamer looks at all of the upcoming XBLA Summer of Arcade games, complete with preview, trailer and review links in one place. Be informed before you spend your MS points.

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Wizziokid3084d ago

nice line-up of titles, I'll be picking some of them up but I'm mainly waiting for Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi

fastrez3084d ago

Can't wait for those mate!

FanboyPunisher3084d ago ShowReplies(1)
kingdavid3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

All 1200 points...

Fkn lame. :l.

Ill get limbo, that is it.

Grown Folks Talk3084d ago

Besides that, when does the new season of Curb start?

peeps3084d ago

Good line up. Will deffo pick up limbo and possibly lara croft + castlevania.

probably gonna pick up tango down today to kick things off but would have preferred the ps3 version (unfortunately devs are saying 4-6 weeks :|)

fastrez3084d ago

Sorry to hear that mate, sucks when Sony gets the raw deal :(

peeps3084d ago

At least i can try the trial today. Who knows i might hate it haha but i hope not becuase been looking forward to playing an fps again and the game just looks simple and fun. The majority of my mates will wait for the ps3 version though

kasasensei3084d ago

Limbo, hydro thunder, castlevania and laracroft guardian of light.
Time for me to get some stupid MS points. ^^

fastrez3084d ago

It says if you buy four of those you get the 5th free, not a bad deal :)

kasasensei3084d ago

Oh great! i did not notice that!^^

DelbertGrady3084d ago

So many great games for the 360 this summer.

fastrez3084d ago

Hydro Thunder looks insane, Limbo looks like this year's Braid and multiplayer Castlevania? Hell yeah!

edhe3084d ago

Winterbottom is this year's braid :)

Limbo is something else...

Captain Tuttle3084d ago

The Arcade is the most under rated thing on the 360 imo.

-MD-3084d ago

There really are some gems in the arcade that's for sure.

Dread3084d ago

true that mate

there is nothing like having two or three games a week. I would like to know what is the total so far.

and they say that the 360 has no games

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