Hideo Kojima's Next Game May Be Metal Gear Solid 5

Andriasang: When Hideo Kojima said he was making a "taboo" game for his next project, you might have been fooled into thinking once again that he'd be stepping away from the Metal Gear Solid series. This may not be the case. In an interview in this week's Famitsu, Kojima reveals that his next game may actually be Metal Gear Solid 5.

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knight6263081d ago

intresting wonder wat he is working on

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gtamike1233081d ago

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was Metal Gear Solid 5

Batzi3081d ago

in Kojima's head. But in reality, we never got a Metal Gear Solid 5. He clearly stated a while back during Peace Walker's development that the numbered Metal Gear Solid games are only due out on home consoles. Technically speaking if we want to follow your logic, MGS4 should've been MGS5 since Portable Ops was before it, and so on.

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heroicjanitor3081d ago

Since he says it will be a revolution... Or a 360 exclusive since that would be taboo... Hope not

specialguest3081d ago

you better bet that MS will come with a whole lot of cash to entice Konami to go multiplatform with this title.

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The_Zeitgeist3081d ago

Boom!!! Story of the day right there!!!
We can only hope this ends up true.

gallospqra3081d ago

..I've heard many times? Three, four? Wouldn't surprise me if he stepped back once again.

spooky2053081d ago

pretty pressured by fans to deliver a better metal gear each and every time. But the fans have spoken that they want more metal gear so here goes kojima once more. Kojima doesnt want to be a one trick pony. The man is brilliant. Im sure whatever other project he would like to work on will be equally as awesome but the fans need to get off his back about another metal gear.

TehCellDivision3081d ago

It will be multiplat. No reason to keep it on PS3 after MGSR, no reason to cut profits. If Kojima REALLY wants to push the game, he will make it PC exclusive. He said it himself; he couldn't get the game he envisioned because of the PS3's limits.

Nicaragua3081d ago

What Kojima did with the PS3 was awesome by 2007's standards but since then other devs have achieved far more impressive results.

Just imagine what Kojima could do using some of Naughty Dogs or Guerilla Games technology ? Imagine how good Metal Gear Online could be without Konami's shitty servers ?

hybridtheory123081d ago

Kojima is Japanese and if he wants to make a good title he will go for PS3. PS3 = Japan

lonix3081d ago

if he wants like 50 people to buy it and 3,500,000 to pirate it,

everyone knows that after a pc gamer has finished paying off his gaming rig there is no money left for games

PirosThe4th3081d ago

He said on a console... XD
Not on consoles...
I think he realized that Cell had so much more to offer. With all the PS3 exclusive he saw... After he was done with peace walker... He said it himself...

BldyShdw3081d ago

I think it will be Exclusive becuase as we have just learned Rising will not be too involved into the MGS story as a whole (ex. not having to play the others to understand it) So if this new MGS is going to have any type of a story involving the others I believe it will be exclusive.

WIIIS13081d ago

I hope there's more gameplay and less gibberish in his next instalment.

MisterNiwa3081d ago

People like you shall be forbidden to buy games made from Hideo Kojima.

If you don't appreciate it, gtfo.

Colonel-Killzone3081d ago

That gibberish was actually very important to the story. Sigh fake ass MGS fans don't know shit about a good game or this Franchise.

RememberThe3573081d ago

I loved the dialog and the title is still my favorite game this generation.

Rhythmattic3081d ago


I'm with ya. I was a MGS Virgin until MGS4, it is , without a doubt, an absolutely rock solid Gaming experience.

extermin8or3081d ago

mgs 4 was the 1st mgs i played 2 i loved it, good thing i read up on the story before i played it though lol, someone warned me it wld be confusing otherwise, but mgs peace walker is possible an even better game i think

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va_bank3081d ago

Play Peace Walker.

I'm pretty sure they listened to all the complaints from the fans. This installment has the best gameplay of the whole series, a more straightforward story and MOST amount of play time of any game in the series. My save file says 77 hrs and I'm not done yet.

WIIIS13081d ago

It is inconceivable how any objective non-fanboy person who might have read some good novels or watched some good movies can even say there's anything to appreciate about the convoluted storywriting, horrible scripting, pretentious dialogue, nauseating characterization and self-indulgent cinematography found in MGS4. Get any non-gaming friend or relative to sit through any one of the non-action cinematics and listen to what they have to say about it (apart from graphics).

spooky2053081d ago

you are entitled to your own opinion, even if it sucks donkey balls. The biggest problem is that any non-gaming person already has a personal bias against video games a alternate cinematography since they know nothing about it. Its like if you were to show your parents japanese anime as a serious form of cinematography. No matter how good it may be they will have a different outlooks on it and write if off as just some cartoons.

If you want to compare MGS to a cinematic experience your gonna lose. I could name thousands of pretentious convoluted movies which have been hyped to greatness even though they are probably the biggest pile of crap i have seen (IE: the first 2 twilight movies, lady in the water, etc). The character development, accurate protrayal of goverment cqc techniques and protocols, and the reflection of social politics in a nuclear arms race make MGS alot better than the tripe you get fed as the greatest movie of all time every 2 weeks at your local box office.

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miggza3081d ago

Been a while since i last posted here. but w/e

How can there be a MGS 5? The story's complete. Not a handful of questions left unanswered. Remake of Metal Gear 1 and 2 in full 3d perhaps? or another prelude?

Nicaragua3081d ago

They could do a prequel just like MGS3.

Solid snakes storyline that started in MGS1 has finished but there is still plenty of stories in the timeline from Big Boss right through to what missions Solid Snake did pre Shadow Moses.

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