Ubisoft should give new Settlers 7 DLC away for free

Falconer at Hooked Gamers writes: "I have always been a fan of Ubisoft and many of their games. Unlike some of their competition (read: Activision and Electronic Arts), Ubisoft isn’t running around with its head stuck up its arse and has always treated gamers well. They are still willing to create games for smaller audiences, do not have the reputation of abandoning their games shortly after release and have yet to buy and destroy a single, well-loved game development studio."

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Quagmire3081d ago

I love Ubisoft games, however 2 things make them piss me off. Story ripped out then sold off as DLC, and DRM.

Lucreto3081d ago

Settlers 7 has received free DLC as in multiplayer maps.

The drm is not too bad it only prevented me once from logging on.

Kiriel3081d ago

Then you were either very lucky or were not a week-one purchaser. It's been bad for many, many people.

cdland3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Ubi is a hastle with the DRM and it still needs work, read what people in the forums are saying. No they sucked for 10 days with very little help for the DRM on AC2. I had 2 tickets in the day I bought the game, my cable hispeed ISP just didn't cut it. I did not get an old free game because I could not register the game in the first week. One hickup and the game stopped, lost my player save so I did get a store credit and bought Just Cause 2. So I dont buy UBI's products anymore... Oh well... And the DRM has been hacked... lol.

mobijoker3080d ago

Thanks to the writer for telling me where not to look for Ubisoft game reviews.I wonder how much he got from U-be-Hard.

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