Why RealID is a Really Bad Idea

Blizzard wrote today that with their new Real ID system, they hope to “connect the Blizzard community in ways they haven’t been connected before.” They plan on doing this by tying real life names to all forum posts from here on out.

Hellmode, however, posits that the community has been connecting in these ways for years–Blizzard is just naively unaware. And this is a very bad thing.

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iseven3082d ago

I wonder if this is Bobby's doing.

Dramscus3082d ago

He dreams of aking over the world through activision.
Heil kotick!!
It's tough to boycott activision when they own blizzard.

halocursed3082d ago

diablo, warcraft, starcraft... for the longest time i've always thought of blizzard as the studio that never produced a mistake.

moparful993080d ago

God with each passing day I hate activision and bobby kotick even more. He is the worst kind of representitive for our industry and he's just a money hungry prick. What makes matters worse is people continue to just throw money at him like naive little sheep that only care about playing modern warfare and WoW. I fear for us all if he gains anymore power...