A look at the compression artifacting in OnLive

Icrontic recently got a look at the new OnLive games-on-demand service. Is it worth the price?

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Dramscus3082d ago

Errr didn't look that bad on my tv at 1080. Noticed some artefacts when there was lots of stuff on screen but nothing terrible.
I dunno.
I've heard for fps and fighting games it has more lag though. Also that colours are a bit washed out from the compression.

Bandrik3082d ago

Considering what they're trying to do... pushing game rendering through internet pipelines as streaming video, while offering very low lag... I'm actually fairly impressed. It certainly looks better than a non-gaming rig could produce. I'll have to try it out soon.

likedamaster3082d ago

I noticed absolutely nothing until the author pointed it out and still its minor and unnoticeable even @1080p(I'm @1200).