My Xbox Exit Strategy

MightyMutt from SarcasticGamer: I am a passionate gamer. That does not mean that I have been caught in lewd photographs with an Xbox dressed as a Playstation. It does mean that I have a passion for games and all things gaming related. In the last generation, a newcomer to the world of gaming converted me to their way of thinking. I was a devout Xbot from the day of release, Halo saw to that. Everything green was good and everything blue was bad.

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jidery3081d ago

I just dont get how people can go throgh multiple xbox's like nothing, and never even consider the competition, which is actually reliable? If my Mazda broke 5 times in a row, i would probably switch to Lotus or something.

ThatArtGuy3081d ago

It's a flower, and a programming language.

ElementX3081d ago

I'm serious! Is that a European car or something? I've never heard of that brand

digger183081d ago

ElementX. Lotus is a British sports car

mikeslemonade3081d ago

My xbox 360 is the Microsoft player. Just like how the gamecube was the Nintendo player. It's good for playing the exclusives and I also use the Netflix streaming feature on the 360 cause it's more seamless on 360 compared to the other consoles. I use the PS3 for everything else: online gaming, multiplat shovelware, psn multiplat shovelware games, psn games, and exclusive PS3 games. And then there's that one Wii exclusive to play once every leap year.

Redrum0593081d ago

if you truely want to know, GT5 is just around the corner.

FreeFalling3081d ago

That's funny
I use the PS3 for its great exclusives, and the 360 for everything else

Multiplatform games



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HarryM3081d ago

Keep Trollin' Trollin' Trollin' Trollin'...

But seriously, get off N4G please.

ImmortalLegend3081d ago

I did what someone with a little since would do. So I get the PS3 and it's pretty fun playing it while my 360 was being repaired, but as soon as my 360 got back it was back to old times. Truth is I simply have more friends that play 360 and hardly any that play PS3 and that made the PS3 boring to me after a while. Now it's pretty much collecting dust.

tinybigman3081d ago

as i have more friends on PS3 and barely play my 360. if it wasn't for ME2, AW(best game on 360 this year), and SCC i wouldn't even touch my 360 this year. everyone has a preference and there's nothing wrong with that.

i know if my 360 breaks and since mine is long past the warranty i would probably wait till i picked up another system. the only game i'm waiting for now is gears 3 since no other exclusive on the system interests me since crackdown 2 turned out to be a complete disaster not worth the full 60 price.

C0MPUT3R3081d ago

Who needs sense? When you have since!

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SOAD3081d ago

I completely agree that if I went through 5 Xboxes I would cease buying them and look elsewhere. But you're being a little ridiculous, assuming that Xbox 360 owners have all gone through 5 xbox 360s and continue to buy them.

The only person I can think of that has gone through that many Xbox 360's (actually 4, not 5) is another user on this site who calls himself Darkride66. And near as I can figure, Darkride has morphed into a pro-PS3, anti-360, sales analyst who brings up bookmarked statistics on worldwide sales and how the PS3 has been dominating since it was released. What I'm trying to say is that Darkride is a pretty hardcore, thirty-something Sony "enthusiast" and he only had to go through 4 Xbox 360s.

What makes you think anyone here or anywhere for that matter has gone through 5 Xbox 360s and still doesn't consider the competition?

And two factors to consider are the gaming collection of a 360 owner and his friends.

If a 360 owner has made a hefty investment into a console, then he may feel that switching to a new console and repurchasing all his favorite games (and they must all be multiplats) will cost more money than buying an arcade 360.

And what if all of said 360 owners friends only own 360s? What if he loves playing online with or against his friends? Must he give all that up for a reliable console where he is lonely?

Every one of my 360 owning friends has had their 360 red ring on them, and they have all gotten their consoles repaired for free and since then (about 2 years since the last console broke down) no one has had problems.

You need to be more realistic with your analogies, as well. A 360 is not a vehicle. It doesn't cost nearly as much. You don't need to register your 360 and purchase Geico insurance for it.

wicked3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Because they are free to fix and when you have a lot off games in your library, it's a lot of invertment. Also when they work, they are a great system. I have had 2 fail in almost 5 years, so 2 weeks without an xbox out off 5 years is not that much of a problem.

SOAD3081d ago

Some people think it is.

Steve_03081d ago

If your mazda broke you'd buy a lotus? wouldn't s toyota make more sense? Or ford maybe? I don't know where I'm from Toyota and ford are king with reliability, Nissan as well if you could find parts. Then again we really need off road cars

Kurt Russell3081d ago

I've had 5 xboxs - And I would get a 6th too. I have a PS3 gathering dust just next to it... plays fantastic blu-rays just doesn't deliver the same experience of xbox live. 1000 disagrees wouldn't change my opinion on that.

blumatt3081d ago

And 1000 agrees won't make what you said true. lol To ignore the PS3 exclusives that, as of late, outshine anything the 360 has, is just ignorant.

Kurt Russell3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I haven't ignored them... Just they're not as good as the multiplats like Battlefield that take my time instead.

And what the hell do the PS's over rated exclusives have to do with its lack of decent online experience anyway. They're certainly not making up for it's lack luster online experience are they?

pain777pas3080d ago

We've all been there I just had enough after the first one went down. I'm sorry 8 months of having the system a week before Halo3 was to come out it broke. Got it back and gamed on it but I was so fearful all the time that some disc might scratch or the thing would shut down. Have a 60 gig PS3 and she is still kicking and haven't looked back.

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ChronoJoe3081d ago

"My Xbox is now just a big crap plastic hassle and worry fest. I can not even look at it without feeling disappointed" lol

Godmars2903081d ago

I feel the same somewhat towards my 2nd PS3, two years after my 1st YLOD. Don't know how someone could be on their 5th 360 in half that time and still consider getting a 6th.

KingKiff3081d ago

YLOD never happended to anyone

Dramscus3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

*I melted the graphics chip in mine once. Just a little. Ran it 24/7 for nearly a year in a warm room in a small space.
Was getting super pixels in all my games. Super pixels are giant long pixels that skew across the screen.
Was under warranty so they replaced on the free. The replacement's been going great ever since.

ravinash3081d ago

Got a Fat PS3 on day or release in the UK and had it for 2 years before it YLOD so it does happen, Now got me a slim.

Anon19743081d ago

4 consoles was my limit as well. I was a huge Xbox fan before and my 360 was my console of choice. Then the rrod and the disk scratching started. Then the hassle, then the Microsoft warranty screw jobs, then the "We don't have record of you paying for your repairs! No refund check for you!"

I don't know a single 360 owner personally who hasn't had at least one 360 red ring on them. After I received my 4th refurbed unit back from Microsoft, a console older than the one it replaced, I down graded my XBL to silver and resolved to buy everything on my PS3 from now on. I still plan to play Alan Wake, then Halo Reach/Gears and Fable 3 because I'm a gamer first and foremost but if my 360 dies again, so be it. It won't be replaced. I pay money for games I can play. I don't buy games where I don't know if I'll be able to play longer than an hour at a time, or for that matter that I need to pay a subscription fee to play the full game as the developer intended the game to be played.

Microsoft had my loyalty at the start of this gen. They blew it and that trust isn't going to be easy to earn back.

darx3081d ago

now I just buy anything MS related USED (games, accessories, etc.) MS will not get any more of my money. And reserve online play for my PS3.

Naughty Dog3081d ago

leave it on for 24hrs does the trick.

fatalred alarm3081d ago

This guy is a morron, i bought my 360 in 2006 and since then i had it broke down on me twice, and repaired for free aswell.

Why the hell would u buy a new xbox when they get repaired for free? Serieusly, this guy shouldn't consider buying a new 360 because we don't want people as stupid as he is on xbox live.

Dramscus3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

LOL I wouldn't care how many times they fixed it for free. If it broke down on me twice I'd sell it like bad mojo.
That goes for anything.
Car, tv, hot water heater, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and my ps3 which I've had since 07 without a problem*.

Edit. Might be iffy on selling the ps3 under such circumstances because the competition is obviously suspect. I'd probably have to go wii. Which isn't my style of gaming... yada yada call me a fanboy or something.

* see above post

darx3081d ago

A Car? Cars always break down that's par for the course. It can be many things that go wrong. Starter, battery, belts, etc. So you are going to replace a car every time one of those go? Transmission and/or engine I'll give ya.

Dramscus3081d ago

I do see your point but if you buy a brand new car aside from getting regular maintenance done nothing should break on it in the first couple of years.
Though in the case of my comment I was referring to issues similar in scope that would require the company to issue an extended warranty and replace parts for free because they screwed up.
Pulling a toyota with the gas pedal as it were.

cereal_killa3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

fatalred alarm

In a way I agree but as M$ continues to put different mother boards into the 360 they say with every new one that RROD is no longer which is not true it's just the percentage of failure is lower even the new ones are showing to be at fault but thats to be expected because NO console has 0% failure rate but anyway some people would just rather spend the money on a new one with less chance of RROD than keep sending the same one out over and over again. I'm on my 2nd 360 after my 1st 360 RROD after about a year owning it and will not be getting another one if it happens again.

JustTheFactsMr3081d ago

Because you don't get them all prepared for free.

Personally know someone on his 6th. In fact most people I know have had multiple failures.

Some people don't give up even if they have to pay for repairs because they have a library investment.

Some people have friends on Live.

Some people never buy a single game and pirate everything which is still cheaper than buying a new one or paying of repairs. Piracy is absolutely rampant on the 360 amongst the teenage crowd. PS3 hasn't been compromised to allow game play so that option is out for the thieving ones.

Some people switch.

A change in the wind3081d ago

Yeah, that`s how my 360 is too, both of them actually. They just sit there, broken. Do I care? Nope, I have a 60 GB PS3 and a 120 GB slim PS3 that both run flawlessly. A faulty, lackluster, poorly designed system with far too many generic shooters, and a library of PC ports can only last so long.

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