6.5 Crackdown 2 Review

Ray Carsillo wrote: "The original Crackdown pushed the limits of non-linear gameplay. You were tasked with creating your own unique brand of justice while taking down the drug lords of Pacific City in whatever way you saw fit with your cybernetically enhanced Agent. So could Ruffian Games top the original over-the-top experience with their new sequel?"

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ollyhume2719d ago

I was looking forward to this game so much. Could they not have mixed it up just a little bit. Oh well, I'll still get it but it seems like all sequals are a disappointment lately

deathstriker2718d ago

I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's just a simple and fun sandbox game. Not every game needs a narrative. It's funny how gamers praised the "geniuses" at Valve when they took the minimalist approach with Left 4 Dead.

TheGamerGeek2718d ago

Well.. I do want more Crackdown...

adrenaline2718d ago

I guess it really is a question of whether more of the same is okay.

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