DoTa Productions Podcast #10 E3, Portal 2, Killzone 3

E4G: Talon, Kelly, Cameron and Doc talk about who won E3 2010, Portal 2, Killzone 3 and more.

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dkblackhawk502881d ago

Another great podcast! Can't believe you couldn't figure out what the game was lol...

matrix2242881d ago

I think it was motorstorm that they were talkign about...dont really know for sure though.

mmoracerules2881d ago

Impossible, they said it was new

mmoracerules2881d ago

Well, It cannt be motorstorm...hmm

mmoracerules2881d ago

Great podcast as awlays!, love the new intro :D

dkblackhawk502881d ago

Yep, quite a twist on the new intro.

2881d ago