GameTrailers: Crackdown 2 Review

"The devastation of Pacific City continues as Crackdown is unleashed for the second time!"

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silkrevolver3085d ago

....frowney face. Too bad. Someone should have told Ruffian that sequels are meant to improve upon the first...

Danja3085d ago

they made minor improvements this seems to me like MS asking them to make another Crackdown because 360 software was lacking this year.. its not a bad game..

DarkTower8053085d ago

Yeah, since when is 7.9/10 bad? It's not a steller game, but for any fans of the original, this should be fun. BTW, nobody slated this as GOTY, just an all around fun game, which it is.

Godmars2903085d ago

Sorry, but how isn't it a bad game if it was rushed?

lzim3085d ago

@godmars290, it isn't bad if it sells to multiplayer and co-op players. It might not even be that bad for single players who aren't looking for story.

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mike90773085d ago

yea it looks like a really good ps2 game

Serjikal_Strike3085d ago

stoppped about halfway? WTF

oh well...score is below anyways:p

DelbertGrady3085d ago

7-9/10. Flop confirmed right?

On a serious note: Can't wait to try out that flying suit.

King Hippo3085d ago

Flopped like a fish out of the water.

gamer20103085d ago

Kind of like MAG and Mod Nation Racers, right.

Sitris3085d ago

So what was your point exactly? Oh that those games 'flopped' right, because games that get above 7s are bad games. That is stupid, 7 is good, so therefor MNRs, MAG and Crackdown 2 are all good games. Play them, enjoy them, don't fight about them.

heroprotagonist3085d ago

I think that was the point. You can't say Crackdown 2 is a flop without saying that MAG was a flop.

I would say that they are all good games, but not great games.

3085d ago
ChronoJoe3085d ago

MAG, at least pushed something new. It doesn't matter the meta, it has a good USP. CD2 has no decent USP.

Modnation, also has a fantastic USP. CD2... nope... (not to mention Modnations meta is 'good'.


Shouldn't have to defend unrelated titles like this. CD2 sucks, if it had a good Unique Selling Point (USP) then at least people could justify purchase, regardless of reviews, but it doesn't.

SOAD3085d ago

Sitris, MAG's metacritic score is a 76.

Crackdown 2's metacritic score is a 72.

Both have average reviews. Don't defend one mediocre game to spite another.

Biggest3085d ago

But this is about Crackdown 2, SOAD. Who brought MAG and MNR into the equation? Looks like it was gamer2010 with the deflection. Crackdown 2 should have been better than this. Some people here told me about the superior 360 line-up for the second half of 2010. They told me that PS3 has shown all their big guns and now it was the 360's time to shine. Crackdown 2 and that Dynasty Warriors game aren't looking too hot right now. My fanboyism can't avoid taking the bait!

Dacapn3085d ago

Wait, THAT'S Crackdown 2? It looks like a damn flash game. I doesn't matter what the score is. That game should be free.

Sitris3085d ago

I never intended to bring down Crackdown 2, the game is good for what it is, thus the scores in the 7s which is a good score, i liked MAG, I loved WKC, LOVED Heavenly Sword, and i think Lost Odeysey is underatted. I was not bringing down Crackdown 2, i was replying to gamer2010s comment about MNR and MAG, if you read my comment again you will see i was not being fanboyish i was in fact complementing all those games!

SOAD3085d ago

I apologize Sitris. My eyes aren't what they used to be.

I still think these games are mediocre. Not bad, just not great.

Crackdown 2 deserves a lot of criticism.

How can Ruffian double dip like this?

lzim3085d ago

@SOAD, lack of a budget and they are working on old hardware and didn't want to 'risk' coding the game from scratch (more than likely another budget issue).

pixelsword3085d ago

MAG got a low scores because it got technically and artistically picked-apart where games with similar or worse graphical and technical flaws like MW2 or pricing issues were brought into the fray and yet were not picked apart.

Happens all of the time with exclusives, eh?

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Danja3085d ago

remember the days when 7.9 was a a Good game....

Cant Imagine next gen ...if a game scores below 9.5 it will be called a flop

AllroundGamer3085d ago

"Can't wait to try out that flying suit." i said that to myself too when i started playing the game and when i got it i was like "this is it?!?!", so don't get your hopes up too much... anyway the first game was way better IMHO.

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RXL3085d ago

since when was a game that's practically an 8 a bad game?..

lol god some gamers are too fickle now a days..

T9X693085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Since you visited, didn't hear shit when MAG received these kinds of scores. What's funny is MAG is actually a really good game, but since this is a 360 exclusive it gives haters a reason to hate.

EDIT: @gamer2010 - Hey there is nothing wrong with Modnation Racers, that game is fucking awesome.

talltony3085d ago

T9x crackdown 2 is the same as the first game but in a new box. Mag is in another league. Mag should have been priced at 40 bucks like warhawk, then the reviews would be much higher. It has nothing to do with being a xbox 360 exclusive. It's worth the hate because it's nothing new.

pixelsword3085d ago

"Since you visited, didn't hear shit when MAG received these kinds of scores."

Are you serious? You still hear degrading comments on the game.

gamer20103085d ago

Seems like a pretty good game. I had a lot of fun with the first one and I think this one could be fun as well.

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