The Bitbag Asks Developers, “What does next generation gaming mean to you?”

Torrence Davis from The BitBag writes "Over the last 2 years I’ve compiled a list of answers to the question, “What does next generation gaming mean to you?” I asked several developers and producers this question and here are the answers they gave me:

Gabe Newell
Managing Director
Valve Software
“The end of the distinction between gpus and cpus.”

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xTHRASHx3081d ago

This is one of those articles that isn't an article but is really quite good and interesting! I enjoyed :D thanks for not being flamebait like most posts here are (reference 10 Hottest Girls Playing Games post)

OOG3081d ago

oops that comment below was meant for you

tordavis3081d ago

Thanks! Took awhile to put this together.

rkimoto3081d ago

Thanks Torrence!

Maybe you can also do one that can define what "hardcore" means, because I think that's a term that's badly misused.


SilverSlug3081d ago

Glad there are sites that put together good articles and not just rely on 'boobs' to get hits.

UnSelf3081d ago

gabe got boobs.

nah im kidding, we here at Sony loves ya Gabe *points finger and winks*

sid4gamerfreak3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Nex gen hopefully isnt about more casual games and motion controls. I sick of that sh** already

hardcore games FTW

oh yea, and make nex gen consoles actually run full hd on ALL of its games...

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OOG3081d ago

yeah nice short little article.... asking some developers what next gen gaming means to them... hopefullly down the road it will continue to grow and see more developers thoughts.

dirtybirdphoenix3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

i love hearing what the industry thinks about stuff

RoX_TimE_BomB3081d ago

I would like to see something from Jaffe etc... interesting idea tho..

OOG3081d ago

yeah I would like to see as many industry people as possible... keep continuing to gather info etc and see how it changes from this gen to next etc... i'm sure their opinion changes as the industry does

DarkSpawnClone3081d ago

“Everyone started out this next generation looking for a pretty picture. In the pursuit of pretty pictures and Hollywood style budgets, people forgot core gameplay.”

that is soo true ^ but i think the "pretty pictures" are just as important as gameplay. :P

OOG3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

lmao this is a common debate.... I personally think gameplay is more important.. but really there is no way to weigh them.. I guess its different strokes for different folks or something like that

I do however think a lot of developers have been thinking gameplay second in order to push games out good and bad looking.. not all developers but a lot

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