White Knight Chronicles 2: ton of screens, box art

Japanese box and over 70 screenshots of White Knight Chronicles 2 for the PS3.

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Quagmire2637d ago

Heard this was heavily better than the first.

Will want to pick it up considering its got both the games on one disc.

qface642637d ago

that's not really saying much though
the first was so bad almost anything could have been better than it

Dragun6192637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Famitsu gave the First one a 7/7/8/7 (29/40)
and for the second one they gave it 8/8/9/8 (33/40)

Overall, they said that its a HUGE improvement over the first one. They especially noted severall times that the battle system is probably the biggest improvement. More strategic battles, fast battles, it just works a lot better.

Hopefully, Sony will get this localized faster than the first and set a release date for the holidays or the first quarter. Now, that Level 5 stated it's not a trilogy, maybe they can do Dark Cloud 3 next.

True, they're not really reliable but if they say that the battle system is more faster and smooth. Then thats all I need. I'll buy it day one.

imoutofthecontest2637d ago

^ While that's nice, Famitsu reviews are no gauge of quality... all >_>

I'm looking forward to the game, oh yeah, but Famitsu's numbers are generally useless.

Arnon2637d ago

I found it pretty funny that in the first one, you didn't even play the main character, and instead stood in the background nodding your head at their conversations. It was... funny... to say the least.

Ravage272637d ago

Famitsu gave Demon's Souls 29/40 and Haze 37/40. Just showing how retarded their score system is.

Anyway i really hope to see WKC2 localized by Q1 2011

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Man In Black2637d ago

Was that your created character never looked as good as in the creation screen. They always looked out of place.

A LIVING LEGEND2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The Story mode in the first was fairly bland,yes.The online was addictive and well done,often overlooked because of the aforementioned Story mode.
Cant wait :)
I personally logged in over 1k hrs in WKC,good times ^_^

ClownBelt2637d ago

I've logged 149 hours online. It was pretty addicting alright.

Noctis Aftermath2637d ago

1000 hours? wtf? so it's basically an MMORPG?

Lavalamp2637d ago

Create your own knight!? Count me in!

labwarrior2637d ago ShowReplies(2)

The Box art bothers you,fair enough.

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