What the hell DICE, where is the MoH 360 beta?

When I first got a look at Medal of Honor a couple of months ago my ears perked up and I took notice of this game. I have never been a huge fan of the Medal of Honor franchise but with DICE, maker of what I think is a great overall title: Battlefield Bad Company 2, behind it and quite impressive visuals I wanted to find out more about MoH. Once I discovered a beta was coming to the 360 I went out and pre-ordered it… man was that an awful decision.

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lociefer2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

stop whining bitch, u no how much shit ps3 owners had to put up to these past years ? exclusive demos,betas, and dlc ? and u cant take 1 month of waiting ? + if u wanna play the beta on ur 360 hop on a game of bfbc2, theyr the same

xTHRASHx2874d ago

We expect more from it. And from a company like EA

SOAD2874d ago

The game is not that special. It's just another generic shooter. It doesn't have a unique art style, it doesn't have creative weapons, and it most certainly doesn't have memorable maps. It's a COD clone.

DarkSpawnClone2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

yup MOH sucks,i was playing it like 5 mins ago ..i would not care if its not on the xbox360 your not missing out on any thing at all. Go play BFBC2,its a 1000 Times better game then MOH.

RockmanII72874d ago

Generic shooters is what the 360 does best, though. Look at MW2 for example.

kancerkid2873d ago

Maybe DICE doesn't like releasing glitchfare games

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Elvfam5112874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Only getting MOH for the Remastered MOH: Frontline

Not much new in MOH

Somebody has to come up with a new mode

Garnett2874d ago

Here is the thing, 360 owners deserve to wait at least once, because PS3 owners waited alot. Im cool with that, but i HATE being lied to.

"Medal of Duty: Bad Company 2 beta coming next week for Xbox 360"

"Not this week, maybe next week."

Repeat every 2 weeks, it gets annoying. DICE is just being immature developers, they talk smack about MW2 lag, but BC2 still lags, they give us fake map packs, they make all the guns incredibly weak and ruin their own online game.

R0me2874d ago

Wow, you HATE being lied to.
Remember SE saying FF XIII would be PS3 exclusive?
That was a reason to cry about, but not waiting some more time for a BETA.

UltimateIdiot9112874d ago

And suddenly the reason why FF fans and PS3 gamers are upset at FFXIII and SE. Had SE announced FFXIII being multiplat from the start, most people wouldn't be upset/disappointed.

NYPunkster2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

damn that sucks.

TehCellDivision2874d ago

More shooters for the shooter console(ps3) lol.

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Serjikal_Strike2874d ago

360 owners arent missing anything

Canucks232874d ago

They're not missing a thing. Pretty damn dissapointing if you ask me.

tony67672874d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gago2874d ago

I played the beta

The game is Garbage

Monkeyboy2874d ago

If you're going to get worked up about something as trivial as a late beta then you should at least take the time to make your article humorous ... or at least interesting to read.

solar2874d ago

My PC brothers dont want it. You guys are lucky.

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