Teaching gamers: Final Fantasy 13 as a super tutorial

via "Throughout the game’s long playtime -- nearly 60 hours for a single playthrough of the campaign, many more including side-quests -- Square-Enix uses an incredibly small amount of traditional techniques, like pop-ups. Almost nothing is spoken about paradigms or its deeper layers of strategy that are all but required near the middle of the game. Did Square-Enix fail to realize how complex their game really was?"

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ClownBelt3082d ago

" Did Square-Enix fail to realize how complex their game really was?"

Can someone just slap my face with their feet right now? Please...

Dragun6193082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Press agree if you caught on pretty quick with FFXIII's Battle System.

Press disagree if you thought it was confusing and it took you awhile to figure it out.

I agree, I caught on to the battle system pretty quick along with the Paradigm Shift. Plus there was an auto battle option. Can't see what was confusing about it. It seemed pretty straight forward to me.

Tomdc3082d ago

pretty simple. Juist annoying how they didnt explain some stuff ever that wasn't to hard to figure out but still annoying. I'm talking about how ravagers result in ATB gauge going down quickly as well as charging more and a lot of the time you need a commando or something to balance the increase out.

iamtehpwn3082d ago

the hardest thing in the game was constantly holding the analog stick forward seeing as how that was the only direction you could go for half the game.

Redrum0593082d ago

good one.
it was also hard on my ears with countless hours of hearing vanille's high pitched emotionless never changing voice.

guitarguy11813082d ago

I may be in the moniority here, but having played all of the FF's (minus 3), I found XIII to be the hardest since the original FFI on NES. I found 7-12 to all be fairly easy, and 2-6 quite a bit tougher.....but only XIII and I have I died multiple times at more than a few bosses......

Shang-Long3082d ago

You see what happen was...
It's not like...
Nvm I got nothing

bakasora3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

The hardest part is to keep smashing the X button, only to feel the thumb is aching.
The hardest part is having to sit through Vanille irritating moan and VA.
The hardest part was to found out the 13th variation of Final Fantasy has lost its FF spirit.
The hardest part is $quareenix becoming a shitty company as Wada leads the way.
Rants finish, lets condemn $quareenix

Spydr073082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Possible small spoilers if you haven't completely finished games FF 7-13 (save XI, which is harder than all other FFs combined).

I suggest you attempt the grind and fight Long Gui. Without the right planning and setup, you will die every time. He was harder than any boss in 7, 8, 9, X, X-2, or XII. All of those could be cheaply defeated with ease.

Knights of the Round + Stop summon raped Ruby and Emerald. Hero/Holy War killed everything in 8 (or just max out chars and give a very high amount of luck). Nine was a joke if you had Thievery, frog drop, and the like leveled up. Final Fantasy X's boss, Nemesis was an utter joke with Quick Hit and Aeon never even took damage. Then there was Cat Nip and Trigger Happy for X-2. Being able to leave and come back after healing removed the difficulty in FFXII against its hardest boss. Omega Mark XIII was a joke because he hit too slow.

No FF game (7+) has required much thought to beat the hardest battles once the cheap trick was figured out. At least Long Gui and XIII's final mark required solid execution throughout the fight to win. Miss one SEN/SEN/SEN shift on Whicked Whirl and you'll likely wipe to Vercingetorix.

The main game was very easy and did nothing to prepare you for the speed and pace you must move thru the paradigms to beat the hardest optional enemies. This just made them that much more annoying.

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3082d ago

lol and you got disagreed, that show's the morons playing games these days.

ExplosionSauce3081d ago

Yeah. And I'm a big FF fan. But XIII was pretty easy to me overall and felt like I needed little strategy to complete each battle.

IrishAssa3082d ago

Libra and Auto battle and heal every once in a while was basically the whole game. So yeah it was SO complex

Relin3082d ago

The whole game up to the last dungeon or so, yeah. You can't get to Orphan's room like that, though.

Dacapn3082d ago

I did. Here's how you play FFXIII:

1. Autobattle

2. After you can pick your party, decide whether a sentinel is needed...then auto battle

All the strategy is in actually choosing your party and paradigms, which is pretty shallow. The actual battles consist of auto battle.


And yes, the game is one big tutorial. You don't even get full access to the crystarium until you beat the fucking game. As if that isn't bad enough, you don't get "limit breaks" until the last couple of hours of the game.


If COM/COM/COM with genji/kaiser or SEN/SEN/SEN with imperial/entite is 'complex' or confusing......wait until SAB/SYN/SAB rolls in......with all of it's 'complexity.
FF13 complex,just rather easy and mundane.

Relin3082d ago

If you ever, EVER used SEN/SEN/SEN for more than jollies, you're doing it wrong.

Then again, I could have misunderstood your post. I'm honestly not sure what you said.

MoneyMeng3082d ago

most boring, linear FF ive ever played!

Greek God3082d ago

linear yes boring no
ok it was if you mean the sidemissions
whatever goes back to FF7


SEN/SEN/SEN against Shaolongs is perfect for opening and great for Ultima sponging imo.It works for me.Other than that....I would be lying :(

Relin3082d ago

I guess I can see that. For me, I almost never used the Sentinel -- they don't put out enough DPS for them to be useful in anything but drawn-out boss battles -- so hearing someone say they used THREE just boggles my mind.

My typical opener was COM/SAB/RAV. Builds combo incredibly fast and gives you some breathing room against tougher enemies.

Spydr073082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

The reason for 3 only applied for completionists of the game and is only used quickly before strong attacks like some of the final marks or Long Gui. It's changed out of immediately after the attack. For those who didn't play or didn't get that serious about it, you can youtube MasterLL.

He has many great vids for RPGs (some of the most complete files I've ever seen--truly dedicated to the genre) and his FFXIII vids are great and show the setups and great strategy for every difficult boss in the game.

Here's the link for Vercingetorix (final mark in FFXIII). He has a JP and NA file for the game with the JP being his most complete one.

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