Girls want more violent video games

Girls are spending more than a full school day a week playing video games, a Belgian study has found.
But the new study has found they wish some games were a bit edgier.

The study, from Belgium’s Ghent University, found girls were frustrated that there were not enough games designed for their tastes and wanted easier-to-use controls.

Girls reported they enjoyed mildly graphic violent games and were sick of games that were marketed to them like they were interested only in "kittens and pink ribbons".

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xHarvey3085d ago

That's strange. I want more emotional type games e.g.,The Last Guardian, Shadow of The Colossus,ICO,Heavy Rain

R0me3085d ago

I think its because men always get violent games, violent movies, all violent. So they enjoy some variety like playing Heavy Rain etc.

Girls always have pink, cute, sweet, happy world, all fine, no war and only flowers. So they enjoy variety like playing some God of War.

Well this is not meant to be serious I know enaugh girls who hate everything whats violent, so I wont generalize.

zootang3085d ago

The choice to be a women would be nice. My other half loves anything Rockstar but wishes she could play as a female character. It's not fair that she has to play as a male in nearly every major game.

Fallout is her favorite game, just because she can play as a female. She says it adds to the immersion.

ThanatosDMC3085d ago

I agree, my gf likes running down people on the sidewalks of Liberty City till the hood of her car starts smoking then she finds another car. That's just wrong and so voilent on so many levels... i at least shoot them instead and keep my cars clean.

Donny3085d ago

people are different, girls may want more violent games, but so do males. just depends.

djsean3085d ago

Very true. Maybe some guys like to play Barbies limited edition on the PC.

LordMarius3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I dont find this hard to believe most of the girl gamers that I know enjoy RE5, God of War, and Uncharted, none of them play crappy casual games the closest that they come to is Mario games

djsean3085d ago

Yeah same with me. The ones I know are really into racing games such as forza 3 and Need for speed. One of them is an intense Halo player as well.

Monkeyboy3085d ago

How much money was spent on a university study to discover that "boys liked playing games featuring beautiful, scantily-dressed women"? I wonder if there was even a control group of boys who were made to play games featuring large women in snuggies?

-MD-3085d ago

I'd like more violent games too.

Manhunt 3 please.

BeaArthur3085d ago

I wonder how much money gets wasted every year on pointless studies.

sorceror1713085d ago

..."everybody knew" that if women got too much education, it would impair the growth of their uterus. Studies do need to be done to check even 'obvious' stuff.

Because sometimes you get real surprises. Relativity got started when there was a small discrepancy in an experiment that nobody expected any surprises from.

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The story is too old to be commented.