Selling Sony's PS3 is "illegal in Argentina"

Imagine the surprise when consumers contacted a Sony Argentina representative to Inquire how the PS3 console was doing down in the land of Tango, asado and gauchos, and they were told that selling the PS3 is "illegal".

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ngg123453790d ago

If this was any other site besides that site, I would have approved it. That site, and the sonyprotectiongroup site should never get approved. 90% of the information there is fake

Nostradavis3790d ago

Good thing it's not illegal in Arr-hen-tina

bootsielon3789d ago

But Sony Protection Group simply gives their own spin to news and facts. They don't make up sh1t out of nowhere, they just like to make things look positive for PS3 and PSP even when their situation is not. They do have interesting insights sometimes...

At least they're not like the inquirer.

RussianSniper3790d ago

So what is the point of this again?

It's not like there's any Argentinian sellers on this...


Marceles3790d ago

There's a Sony Argentina??

Heepspo3790d ago

Glad I live in the USA!! WOOOOOT!

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The story is too old to be commented.