Cancelled Dreamcast games that looked awesome

SEGAbits: "When I was in middle school, all I did was read the Official Dreamcast magazine and look at the long list of upcoming games. There is always something about seeing new information about a game before it hits the store shelves, especially when those games you are looking forward to never make it to the shelves. You are stuck wondering what those games could have been, if they came out.

Here is my salute to the most awesome looking cancelled Dreamcast games."

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Quagmire3082d ago

Nice retro looking games there.

SilverSlug3082d ago

how much better games now look. lol.

Magnus3082d ago

Be nice if Sega braught these games to light Geist, HellGate and Quark look interesting

SilverSlug3082d ago

I quite like Quark's premise.