G4TV: Bodycount Creative Director Stuart Black Interview

Codemasters explosive over-the-top shooter Bodycount promises all the fun from shooting guns in a techno-thriller story. Find out from Stuart Black about how his team was inspired by Lady GaGa, Ridley Scott, J.J. Abrams and more to create their new game.

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ChronoJoe3083d ago

I think this game has a crapton of potential, and the devs seem to have a real great attitude.

However, I really hope some of what I'm seeing is purely because the footage is pre-alpha. I can understand why it's like, it is, but aspects like lack of sway when running, absence of collision reaction on enemies... makes it look real low quality.

TooTall193083d ago

I'm more interested in Bulletstorm.

raztad3083d ago

Considering this Black is the same guy behind BLACK, game I loved. Pure gun porn. I have some hopes for BodyCount, not high hopes just a little hope. I dont want to be dissapointed but gladly surprised.