Amnesia: The Dark Descent Video Preview

Elder-Geek: "This is a dark and legitimately frightening nightmare that you can only experience on your PC.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most immersive horror games we've ever experienced. The feeling of helplessness is almost palpable and the anxiety of your lamp oil running low will reinstate your childhood fear of the dark. It is definitely meant to be played with the lights off and your headphones on."

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Worff2715d ago

Looks pants-pissingly awesome.

Letros2714d ago

I know man, I have this preordered, only going to play it in the dark on the bigscreen, cant wait, the sense of fear is one of my favorites in a game, really not enough games with it.

leapfrogger2714d ago

How aren't more people excited for this?! I'll take 1 of these instead of more Resident Evil sequels.