Exclusive Medal of Honor: Airborne Multiplayer Videos & Hands-On

First, here are some key basics on the multiplayer game. Airborne will support up to 12 players in all three multiplayer modes. It's a team-based game, so there are no one-against-all modes. Instead, you'll belong to one of two teams. There are the Allies, which is basically the American Airborne, and the Axis, which can vary between the German and the Italian forces. Two of the three multiplayer modes feature the Allied side parachuting into action; the Axis never parachute since they were on the defensive during all the battles depicted in the game. There are some pros and cons to parachuting, read on to find out.

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highps33881d ago

Looks like they didnt get the memo... Nice lighting at the end of the 1st one though...

MK_Red3881d ago

Activision really won the Call/Honor battle this round. By putting two different teams in charge, they were able to release Call Of Duty yearly (COD3 last year and now COD4) while EA has been working over 2 years without releasing any major MOH (PSP/Wii and other spin-offs dont count) and now while MOH:Airbourne was almost ignored at E3, COD4 won virtually every major award (Aside from official GameCriticsAwards).
While this multiplayer footage isn't bad, the crazy Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer vids and feats (C4!) have already won my heart. In the case of war FPS I believe its safe to say: EA 0, Activison 1.