Cliff Bleszinksi Holds the Key to Quality Game Journalism

Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski recently called for gaming blogs to offer more quality writing and less flame bait.'s Raymond Padilla calls him out on his wish. Unlike most people the read gaming blogs, Bleszinski is in a position to do something about the type and quality of writing out there. Padilla challenges Bleszinski to encourage his publishing partners to advertise on sites with quality writing.

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xTHRASHx3082d ago

If Cliffy encouraged fellow developers not to talk with flamebait sites then 95% of the sites that post here would be done for haha

deadreckoning6663082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Whut? But how would devs know which sites are flaimbait?

@Booch- I have no idea why people hate Cliffy B. What has he done that has offended you so much?

yippiechicken3082d ago

he does seem to be one of the few who doesn't bash and gives credit where credit is due. He seems much more professional than most.

Pistolero3082d ago

"What has he done that has offended you so much?"
uhh...make a game exclusively for the 360....that is all it takes for them to hate somebody.
it's sad....Cliff Blezinski has always seemed like a cool guy to me....the kind of guy i wouldn't mind hanging out with.

NewNameNow3082d ago

CliffyB is a legend, and he does have a point. Too many sites here post flamebait for easy hits, HHG for example with his sensationalist titles does nothing besides piss people off and call himself "real".

What happened was making websites got easy enough for any jackass to just start one. So now not only does the site get flooded with shit 99% of the time we have other idiots approving that shit.

omi25p3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Hope he succeeds im tired of flamebait against all the consoles. Gaming is surposed to about having fun and its the fastest growing community in media history.

It's about time we stopped fighting amongst our selfs and show the press what gaming really is insted of the sterotype that all gamers are sad loners that quabble over what game is better.

3082d ago
NotoriousWarrior3082d ago

LOL, I swear he was the one that said flamebait things in the past and that led to flamebait articles and now he says this?

Talk about contradicting oneself.

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omi25p3082d ago

no that was the press doing their usual changing the words to get hits. For example when cliffy b said that Japanese RPGs are no longer as far ahead of the western RPGS as they where a few years ago. so the press's headlines where

rpad3082d ago

Yeah, that was completely lame. I really felt bad for Cliff about that whole situation considering how many Japanese developers he admires.

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Archonyto3082d ago

But I don't like him as a person, he is just too wooden and his tweets are generic as hell.

Also not sure if anyone remembers the skinny CliffyB at the Gears of War launch party getting shot down by Lindsay Lohan after Cliff asked her if she wanted to play, she said she'll play it later with her brothers when the game's released. In other words "get away from me you nerd". Shortly after he turned into the hulking "Dude Huge" and got himself an 18 year old girlfriend. ROFL

Pistolero3082d ago

to be honest it sounds like you are motivated by jealousy.

who gives a shit about what lindsay lohan thinks?....she's as fake as they come. it sounds like you are jealous of Cliff Blezinski because he is in shape, has some personality and is successful at doing what he loves.

Archonyto3081d ago

I sure as hell don't give a crap about Lindsay Lohan lol...and wtf I am not jealous of Cliffy B not sure how you got that idea. I just find it hilarious that Lindsay Lohan of all people caused a change in CLiffy B.

yippiechicken3082d ago

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something. You don't like him as a person yet you follow him on Twitter?

Archonyto3081d ago

Like I said I'm a fan of his work and the U3 Engine. I have love/hate thing with him.

NEWSWATCHERS3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Since I am about to create a project using the Unreal Engine 3, It fits my needs :)

XactGamer3082d ago

Good idea but what would N4G do without flaimbait?

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